6 Simple but Fitting Looks & Office Wear Ideas for Postpartum Body

If there is one thing you should not certainly neglect as a working mum is yourself and how you look at work. In this post I share with you simple but exciting tips and ideas you can use to stay well-groomed and good looking at work, especially after giving birth.

During postpartum period after your maternity, your body may not be quite the way it was, making it a challenge. However don’t give up as i have prepared simple but great ideas of things that you can wear at the office after giving birth and still look impressive.

Reasons to Put Effort in Dressing up for Office

Remember that looking great in your office outlook has its benefits. Looking great and amazing at work every day at your means you are also feeling great. Whether you have the tightest working schedule or the simpler 9 to 5 shift, how you look at work is very important just like your job and your family.

Don’t get discouraged because your body has changed so much after having kids. You can still look great and rock your postpartum outfit in the office using just simple ideas i have listed below.

Simple but Stunning Looks for Office after Returning from Maternity Leave

1. Make Office Uniform look Great in Postpartum Body

One way of dressing your body to office after giving birth is dressing in good fitting uniforms. Most women use the excuse that they their job demands that they wear a certain way or outfit. Even if you are required to wear a uniform at work, you can still look amazing in uniform at work.

How to Dress Office Uniform (And Still Look Great in your Postpartum Body)

The different ways of looking great at work in uniform include:

  • Keep your uniform clean- a clean office outfit is a must and hygienic and makes you look attractive
  • Keep your office uniform neat- ensure that you press or iron your office uniform daily
  • Wear the right size of the office uniform- After your maternity leave, avoid too tight clothes. Always the right size for your body.
  • Mend any tears- Wearing un-mend clothes is unprofessionally and makes you look uninteresting
  • Replace your office uniform regularly- It is hard to look great in worn out outfit. Replace the uniform regularly

2. Make Dressing up for Work a Routine

Take the opportunity that the office day offers. Take the chance to get out of the house as an opportunity to dress up. Just the same way you dress for an evening out, put the same effort for your office day. Make use of this opportunity that many who work from home don’t have.

Ensure you normalize this because it keeps your motivation for dressing well for work high. Remember most clients at the office will judge you first from how you look, especially after you have just given birth. You hence don’t have an excuse not to make a good effort on your look.

3. Be Deliberate about your Office Outfit Selection

Be deliberate and intentional about looking great at work, even in your postpartum body. Do this by choosing a specific outfit for the day. Shop for clothes that makes you feel good in your new body. Let everyday inspire you, and motivate you to look your best at work. Let work be something that is giving you reasons to be deliberate about your dressing for the day.

You will realize that once you are deliberate and intentional about dressing up for the office, your work will be improved as well. When you align your outfit with your goals, your mind and body get along, making you more confident and productive in your work. You will find that you are more cheerful to your colleagues, more nice to customers and tenderer with yourself among others.

4. Spice Up your Wardrobe with Fitting Postpartum Outfits

With time and especially after giving birth, your outfits may not fit you. Others may grow old, dull, or simply don’t spark joy when you wear them. If you don’t find joy in the kind of dresses that you have, it is time to get new ones. Spicing up your office wardrobe always motivate you to dress attractively every day.

  • Make adding new outfits to your office wardrobe a habit. If your finances allow, make it once a month.
  • Add new items such as bags, accessories, dresses, and pants among others.

As you are intending to make a good impression as well as make yourself feel confident, your style will guide you in the items to choose. Whichever your style is there are millions of versatile items and pieces you can choose from.

Also, your body size and shape after giving birth is no excuse to select good outfits as stores cater for sizes as well.  Select clothes that are also fitting your new postpartum body.

Spice Up your Wardrobe with Fitting Postpartum Outfits

5. Experiment with New Styles for Office

From routine, it is easy to accustom your self to the same look of outfits, shoe or even hairstyles everyday. If you just seem to choose the usual standard clothing, it is time to start trying out new types of outfits for work. Now try finding flattering pieces to dress your new body after giving birth.

Experimenting with new kinds of outfit is particularly practical after you have had your baby and you are returning to work after maternity leave. This is because your postpartum body may still be changing, allowing you a perfect opportunity to experiment with new kinds of outfit until you find something that fits your new postpartum body.

If you don’t fancy long hair how about trying it for a change. If you are pant type of a woman, try dresses for a change. If you like flats better get a heel. If you have never worn heels before don’t worry. Start will small heels & wedges and you shall get there. Experimenting with new dresses and outfits will leave you amazed at how good they look on you, especially in your postpartum body.

6. Groom your Postpartum Body for Work

Other than ensuring you have a nice outfit, looking groomed is very important into completing your amazing office look. Therefore ensure you have your hair and nails done. Get that pedicure and manicure and show those cute nails at that work.

Also, remember you can use different hairstyles every day to match with your outfit for the day. You can choose, a ponytail, a bob or even braids. Also choose a bag that matches your outfit statement for the day too.

7. Create a Skincare Routine to Replenish your Skin

We cannot talk about grooming and an amazing outlook for office without talking about skincare. Competing your look for the office entails your face, hands, legs and the rest of the body.

We have seen many celebrities and personalities on YouTube channel and social media showing us their skin care outline. While I don’t fully encourage direct coping from the routine, it is a great reference point. I advise on creating your routine, that works FOR YOU to help always look good at work.

Find the products, frequency and order of application that works for you. Remember all our skins are different and what works for the other person may not necessarily work for you. Identify your routine for both the morning and night time and establish in which order and manner of application bring your skin benefits.

Pick hacks that work for you, add to your skincare routine and stick to it. Your routine is one that gives your benefits and keeps your skin glowing.

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Create a Skincare Routine to Replenish your Skin

8. Accessorize Your Office Look

Accessories play a very big role in making you look amazing for office. After coming from maternity leave you may feel the need to add some details to your office outfit for the day. To impress with your looks at work, invest in some good accessory pieces and you won’t regret it.

Am talking about necklaces, hand chains, bangles, earrings, watches and hairpieces too. A luxury watch makes you look exceptionally graceful and official at the same time.

Don’t just play safe always but use these pieces to accessories your look. The pieces go a long way in completing your office look as they make your outfit look more versatile, especially in your post-partum body.

Some pieces are general and others are specific that you can only wear them with a specific office outfit. General pieces can be multicolored ear rings or chains that can go practically with any outfit. 

However, avoid going overboard with accessories unless you’re going for a causal look for a day out with family or spouse. If you are dressing for work, tone it down reasonably. However if this is a line of work and business, you can use the opportunity to show off the pieces.

9. Avoid Bad Body and Lifestyle Habits

Most moms dont feel comfortable with their bodies, especially after giving birth and coming from maternity leave. As a result they lack the motivation to put effort into dressing up for the office.

To avoid having a body that demotivates you to dress up for work, do away with bad habits! These are habits that in one way or another reverse the work that all other grooming efforts are trying to do. As a result, you will barely see key improvements if how you look.

  • First do not sleep with makeup. Period. This has been said more than enough times. If you are too lazy to shower use a wipe to clean off your makeup. Sleeping on makeup puts you at the risk of breakouts, ageing, worsening of acne (if you have one,) or even an infection.
  • Secondly, avoid junk food because it will end up in the wrong places on your body such as around the stomach or arms among others, especially since you have given birth and is returning to work after maternity leave.

You will gain unnecessary weight and you might not fit into that great office outfit after all. Your confidence will be next to suffer and then your job and your family. Looking great in the office outfit will largely depend on this.

  • Third, get enough sleep. I know the tasks of working mums are overwhelming but get help so that you have enough sleep at night. Avoid watching movies too late into the night. Instead, schedule for a weekend evening or so.

You need to sleep to rejuvenate for the following day. Doctors recommend at least 8 hours of sleep and that’s what I also recommend. The habit will ensure your body and spirit are ready for the day.

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have enough sleep to re-energise your postpartum body

Time-saving Office Dressing Hacks after Returning from Maternity Leave

While we aim for a stunning look, we are trying to be precious with time too. We do not want to spend a whole hour on the mirror in the morning getting ready for work. As a working mum, you will achieve less on your work if most of the time is spent on the mirror.

  • Try saving on time by using products that do multiple jobs. For instance, you can find a product that is both a moisturizer and a sunscreen. While dressing for the office, having less steps with the same effects is important.
  • Wear your face mask as you do other things.
  • Organize your makeup and skin care products on a need basis closer to the dressing table so that they are easy to reach. It will save you the time you use to find these products.
  • Use simple compartments that are easy to open than makeup bags as you have to scramble around for the products and lose precious minutes in the process.
  • Also, buy and use the product yourself that will free your from regular salon appointments.
  • When you finally do need to visit the salon or the spa, make an appointment prior to the visit and be on time. Failing to do so can make you lose precious hours which will offset your other plans for the day.
  • While you are these appointments, make sure you get imperative grooming and maintenance that will assist you in having that polished look every day to avoid multiple trips. This includes hair, nails, facial and waxing among others. 

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