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Why Baby Shower after Baby is Born are good

Do Baby Shower after Birth: Why Post Birth Sip & See Parties are Popular

Holding baby showers after the baby is born is normal and not weird at all. It offers family and friends a chance to meet both the mom and the baby. Also, it is best and appropriate to hold baby showers after the baby is born, especially when the mom has a challenging pregnancy, the baby is born prematurely, or the baby is coming through surrogacy & adoption.


Stain-Free Success:7 Expert Tips to Prevent/Remove Deodorant Stains 

Stains or discoloration on your clothes armpit after using deodorants are caused by these products’ aluminum and other chemical ingredients. While the severity of these stains depends on the type and quality of the deodorant, you can prevent these stains through regular washing, choosing the right product, limiting application, opting for aluminum-free products, and trying […]

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