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Why You Need Daycare/Nanny even on your Off Days

Balancing work and parenting is very tiring for moms. That is your breaks, time off work and rest days are important for decompressing and resting. However you allow yourself to rest, you still need a childcare plan. You will not manage to rest or run any personal errands if you still have to care for […]

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All Tips you Need for Your First Performance Review

Many working moms are anxious over their performance reviews. They may feel very critical and easy to take for seasoned employees but can be particularly hard for the first time. As such you will need to prepare adequately for your performance review. Important things to do include starting with a self evaluation, getting ready with questions, […]

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Here’s What can Go Wrong during your Performance Review

Performance reviews are necessary for working women for several reasons. However, they are only useful when the reviews are done properly and the company has a proper system in place. Some can go wrong and hurt you by losing your job, a pay cut, room for bias , deny you a raise, affect your performance […]

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