Secrets on Successfully Starting a New Job When Pregnant

  • Starting a new job when pregnant can be very hard. However, it is possible to do it. You may also start a job only to soon realize that you are pregnant. All are doable
  • Plan to cover your maternity leave costs. Look up the other parental leave policies the employer has. But you may not qualify for state or company maternity leave. Therefore you need to have a safety net if you cannot get any maternity leave benefits.
  • You need to plan your health insurance after starting the new job. If your new employer is offering health insurance, you need to switch and get everything ready as you wait for delivery.
  • Have another job lined up when you start a job while pregnant. Depending on the company you risk losing your job after you deliver. Because you have not worked for over 1 year, you may not qualify for job protection while on maternity leave. As such you need to have another job lined up as an alternative if you lose your new job during maternity leave.
  • Drop the self-imposed feeling of inadequacy. Aim to perform and give your job the best, even if short-lived. A good employer will want you back after maternity leave.
  • When you start a new job when pregnant do not apologize for the inconvenience, or focus too much on pregnancy but on your value as a professional. You have an opportunity to give a strong positive impression so keep it professional, direct, and positive. Surround yourself with a support system of people who love you and care for you. They will help you adjust and navigate the changes of starting a new job when pregnant.
  • Start preparing to get reliable free childcare in place. You need someone reliable to care for your baby as soon as baby arrives.

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