Simple Secrets for Moms to Excel at Both Family & Career

As a working mom you should you prioritize both your family and career and you don’t have choose one over the other. You should commit equal time and resources to your family as your job.

Both your family and career are equally important but excelling at making this balance is very hard. Some days may feel like you are not giving your partner just enough time. Others feel like you are neglecting your child too much because of your work commitments. The rest of the days may feel like your job is suffering a lot because of your family needs and responsibilities.

Some secrets to excelling at career/business and parenting through integration of both in your daily routine. You need to practice effective time management, plan in advance, set a budget for your events and practice self-care.

Family or Career ? or Both ?

It is possible that a working mom can have both family and career are priorities. You can have a great career and be a great mom at the same time. Unfortunately, there is no right answer to how this can be achieved, especially given the different personal situations and experiences.

In fact, no measure can place your career and family on the same metric as the two are separate elements.  I am aware that different opinions and views are suggesting that a career should come first and others suggesting that families should always come first. These opinions and views appear to align women only as family or career-oriented.

But have you ever thought that you can choose all? Yes, you can choose your career and family and commit equally. With all due respect I feel contrary opinions are all making working mom choose one part of their life only.

I make it a point to wear all my hats and I never worry about choosing what is more important between family and career in my life. I hence suggest that you should not and do not have to choose between the two.  Reason?  They are all YOU. If you are working, then your profession is part of you as much as your family is.

You are a working mom, YOU are all the two. At this point, I would also like to add a third element, YOURSELF, the person you are beside being an employee and a mother/wife. You are now all THREE. All are your responsibilities and commitments that you need to honor to be complete. 

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A family enjoying time together while balancing both career and family

Secrets and Tips to Excel at Both Family & Career

1. Practice Effective Time Management

Do not work outside your set work hours; for both employed and self-employed moms. Avoid working outside this space unless absolutely necessary.  Be proactive in taking care of routine tasks to avoid inconveniences and you will excel at both your work and family.

Just like your work hours, set hours that will only be spent with your family. Make nights and weekends exclusive for your family. Plan for a family outing, a picnic or fun play activities with your kids. You may want to have a separate time for your babies and time for your partner. This could be taking your son to a ball game or a movie night out with your partner.

Avoid time wasters as they eat your time. It affects your productivity and efficiency and hence the time you allocate to self, work or family. At the end of the day either your family or career will suffer.

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2. Plan Strict in Advance

Strictly plan for self, family and career activities. Make a weekly or monthly family activity plan ahead that includes activities for all self, family and career elements. You can adjust your plan accordingly to your convenience as long as the balance is maintained.

Be disciplined in spending your time. Learn to set limits and say no to other unplanned commitments in your day.  You might jeopardize your plan to commit both to your career and family.

Create a weekly activity plan  with both family and career activities

3. Set Apart a Budget for Family and Career

Allocate funds for each of your plan events. By doing you are guaranteed that you have all you need to balance and excel at family and career. It will avoid you skipping an activity on the “no funds” excuse. Budget for things like picnics, movies, personal learning among others well ahead of time.

4. Practice Self-care

Love and care for yourself as it results in a positive mindset.  You need to be well to handle all the pressures of work and family and equalize them. Remember your ability to give you all to your family and career is only realized when you are well yourself.

You need time for yourself to reset, refresh and refocus as it is very important for both your physical and mental health. Schedule some “me-time” by allocating an hour or so to yourself daily. Eat well, exercise, have enough sleep, find a hobby, meditate etc.

Last Word

Perfection will not be possible. These guidelines do not assume by any means that you will have it easy. You will be faced with difficult situations for sure that you will need to choose which commitment to honor between family and career. You will be faced with the hard decision of whether to take your child to that ball game or movie with your partner or prepare for your boss presentation for the next day.

When this happens refer back to your plan where you had planned for that specific time slot. Also, the specific situation will advise you on the best thing to do. Let your partner and child know and understand when you have to pick work or career over them. Compensate later by putting in more time for them.

The key to making it a success out of your marriage, motherhood and career is by evolving as your life evolves. Every stage in your life will change and affect your life in a way that needs adjusting. You will only make excel at family and work if you adjust and learn along the way. As more family and career responsibilities change, evolve and learn with the changes.

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