6 Simple Guaranteed Natural Ways to Quickly Stop/Dry Up Breast Milk

Is it Safe to Dry up Breast Milk Naturally?

It is totally safe and ok to want to dry up your breast milk. Do not feel guilty for wanting to get rid of your breast milk if you have your own personal reasons.

It has been done before by many moms, especially working moms hence very safe. While some moms go for medications, it is safer ,cheaper and easier to naturally dry your breast milk.

Tested Reasons why Drying your Breast Milk is Necessary

It is not wrong to want to dry up your breast milk. There are many reasons why nursing moms wants to dry up breast milk.

Tested Reasons why Drying your Breast Milk is Necessary

1. Medical Reasons

As a breastfeeding mom, you may be restricted from breastfeeding your baby for medical reasons. Some illnesses may prevent you from breastfeeding and hence you need to dry up your breast milk.

Some of such medical illnesses are mastitis, as the milk is unsafe for the baby. Some moms have recurrent clogged ducts and for this reason, and can’t continue breastfeeding. In this case, drying up the breast milk helps solve the issue in addition to other treatments.

2. Some Medications Need you to Dry your Breast Milk

When you are under certain medications, you can be advised not to breastfeed your child. Some medications can still leak into your breast milk and potentially harm your child.

One option for this would be to express the milk but throw it away. A better solution would be drying up the breast milk, especially if you are going to be under this medication for a long time.

3. Need to Stop Breastfeeding- Popular Reason to Dry up Milk

It is recommended that you breastfeed your child for at least 2 years. However, some moms stop breastfeeding their babies earlier than this. You can make a deliberate decision to stop your milk supply because you are done with breastfeeding.

As such clearing your breast off the milk is the most common reason why many working moms want to dry up with their breast milk.You should not feel guilty about about it you will want to naturally want to dry up your breast milk. 

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4. Not Breastfeeding after Birth

Some moms decide as early as after birth that they are not going to breastfeed their child and hence must dry up the breast milk. You can make a conscious decision to put your child on formula and not breastfeed at all.

If you made a decision to not breastfeed your child after birth, then you may want to dry up the milk that may have been produced already. It is still ok to choose not to breastfeed your child at all for personal reasons, especially for mental health reasons.

5. Drying Breast Milk is Necessary if Away from the Baby

Since when you are away from the baby you can’t breastfeed them or express milk for their later consumption, it is a good reason to want to clear your breast milk supply.

If you are going to be away from the baby for personal and work reasons, then you may consider drying your milk. You may need to dry up your breast milk after going back to work if you will be away from your baby to breastfeed nor can you pump.

6 Simple Guaranteed Natural Ways to Quickly Stop/Dry Up Breast Milk

Guaranteed Natural Ways to Quickly Stop/Dry Up Breast Milk

1. Gradually Pump Less to Lower your Milk Supply

Most working moms after returning to work need to pump breast milk for their babies. If you have decided to dry your breast naturally and fast, you should pump less. If you abruptly stop pumping, your breast milk will still come and be painful to you.

The easiest, fastest, and safest way (without getting mastitis) to naturally dry up the breast milk is to gradually reduce the supply. Drop the quantity and frequency to which you pump. Say if you pump thrice a day, drop to twice a day then once a day then eventually no pumping, and your breast milk will dry up naturally.

Start going longer between pumps and pumping for shorter periods of time. When you have too much milk in your breast that it is uncomfortable, express by hand just only enough to relieve the discomfort.

How fast this method works depends on your current pumping schedule and how fast you can gradually bring that to a halt. The method also involves less pain as you help your breast milk supply adjust to the breast milk demand.

2. Gradually Breastfeed Less to Stop the Milk

One way you can dry up your breast milk on purpose is to ensure that less and less is produced over time. If you work from home or stay at home, you may have the luxury of breastfeeding your baby. If you decide that you want to stop breastfeeding and dry up your breast milk, then you can do so gradually.

One of the easiest, fastest, and safest ways to naturally dry up breast milk is to gradually reduce how many times you breastfeed your baby. Say if you breastfeed thrice a day, drop to twice a day then once a day then eventually no breastfeeding, and your breast milk will dry up naturally. When you have too much milk that it is uncomfortable, express by hand just only enough to relieve the discomfort.

How fast this method depends on your current breastfeeding schedule and how fast you can gradually bring that to a halt. The method also involves less pain as you help your breast milk supply adjust to the breast milk demand.

3. Use Green Cold Cabbages to Naturally Dry your Breast Milk

You can use green cold cabbages as a natural way of deliberately drying breast milk. Put a washed cabbage in the fridge to get cold. After this, take washed cold cabbage leaves and spread them out around your breasts in your bra. Change out the leaves regularly throughout the day.

Using cold cabbages is a real and tested way to dry up breast milk, which works in a few days. A few mom friends in our group have used cabbage leaves to dry up milk in as fast as 24 hours. As such it is one the fastest, cheap, and most natural ways to get rid of breast milk.

Cabbage is cheap and easy to access hence convenient for moms to stop breasts from producing milk. Some moms don’t like the cabbage in the bra method due to the discomfort and bad smell but it is worth it.

4. Birth Control Pills Naturally Stop Breast Milk

Hormonal birth control with estrogen or progesterone dries the milk by controlling the milk hormones and reducing milk supply. The method is also fast and tried and one of the ways to dry up breast milk on purpose after deciding to stop breastfeeding. It is a true and real method that many working moms have tried and recommended.

There is no pain as the pills will regulate how much milk your breast will produce. They are also cheap and anyone can easily access them to stop breast milk. It is something that can be recommended by your OB so it is easy and convenient for many moms who want to stop their milk production.

5. A Tight Sports Bra is a Natural Way of Drying Breast Milk

You can reduce the milk supply that your breast is producing by keeping it in one place without nipple stimulation. A tight bra helps in ensuring no bounces for your breasts and containing discomfort. It is one of the ways to stop milk production if you are not breastfeeding.

Many moms have tried and tested this method as true in drying off breast milk fast.

Layer on bras as needed to ensure tightness on the breasts. Alternatively, you can would up or tie them with a cloth or band. The zero stimulation that this method offers ensures that milk production is minimized.

Using a tight bra or binding the breast is an easy and natural method that is very convenient for everyone and has been proven to work in drying up and getting rid of breast milk. However you need to stay in the bra or wounded at all times, even when sleeping.

Guaranteed Natural Ways to Quickly Stop/Dry Up Breast Milk

6. Don’t Pump/Breast Feed to Naturally Stop Milk

If you decide at birth that you don’t want to breastfeed then you need to stop milk production immediately. The natural and easiest way to dry any produced milk after birth is by not breastfeeding or pumping.

Having milk let down after birth relies on the simulation the breast gets from breastfeeding or pumping so avoiding this immediately after birth will dry up your milk. It is a deliberate and easy way to stop milk production by allowing the breast to learn that the milk is not needed.

6. Natural Herbs Dry Breast Milk

Peppermint, mint and sage tea are known to help reduce the milk supply in your breasts. Sage tea contains a natural form of estrogen and can decrease your supply and help dry up your milk. You can make one or buy it on Amazon.

Other herbs include Black Walnut, Chickweed, Herb Robert, Lemon Balm, Oregano, and Parsley which are recommended in drying the milk from your breasts.

Expert Secrets & Tips on Quickly Drying up Breast Milk Naturally

  • When gradually dropping breastfeeding and pumping to dry your breast milk, ensure that you replace the feeding you have eliminated from the baby. Ensure that you are giving the baby enough milk or formula.
  • Some home remedies for breast pain after stopping breastfeeding include ice. You can use ice packs to help soothe the pain when you are trying to adjust your pumping or breastfeeding schedule. There is specific great rounded gel set specifically for the breasts that make it easier.
  • For the period you are drying up your breast milk, try to avoid any stimulation or warm water as it may trigger a letdown. Avoid hot showers as this can stimulate milk production.
  • While warm water from the shower can help relieve engorgement pain, it will stimulate more milk production and take you longer to have your breast milk dry up.
  • Avoid too many fluids and eating types of food that specifically boasts milk supply such as oats.
  • Only express if you absolutely need to relieve pressure to ensure that milk is not being constantly made.
  • Take 200 mg of vitamin B6 each day for 5 days to relieve engorgement.
  • If you are using the cabbage method to naturally stop your breasts from producing milk, make sure you use green cabbage as red cabbage will stain on your clothes.
  • You need the support of family and friends as the process may be draining and overwhelming for you.

How Fast can you Dry Up Breast Milk Naturally

Be patient as drying milk may take up to a couple of weeks. It is the fastest you can naturally get your breast to be clear of any milk. If you want to dry up your breast milk faster than this in days, you need to use medication as well as a combination of the above natural methods of drying breast milk.

Using medication can take 5-6 days for some moms. Be aware however that these pills may have side effects. While some natural methods are not as fast as many moms want, they are safer (without getting mastitis), cheaper, and more convenient.

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