Simple Tested Tips to Make Breastfeeding Easier when Working from Home

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Is it Possible to Breastfeed While Working from Home?

How to Manage Breastfeeding While Working From Home

Tips on Balancing Working from Home and Breast Feeding

Is it Possible to Breastfeed While Working from Home?

Yes, it is possible to still breastfeed your baby while working from home. However there are certain challenges involved such as time inflexibility that you need to overcome. Nonetheless it is manageable and achievable to manage to work from home and also breastfeed your child. 

Simple Tested Tips to Make Breastfeeding Easier when Working from Home

1.Nurse on Schedule to Make Breastfeeding Manageable

As a mom working from home, you need to understand that breastfeeding your baby on demand will be harder to manage while still working. This is because your baby will demand to feed while you are engaged in critical work tasks. As such you should train your child to feed on schedule rather than on-demand.

This is a very important way of making breastfeeding and working from home easy and doable. An effective working mom breastfeeding schedule is one scheduled or aligned along your work so that you work when the time your baby is not feeding and vice versa.

By doing this, it is one way that breastfeeding will be manageable for you while working from home since your nursing time does not need to crash with work. Hence you can achieve both working from home and breastfeeding your baby at the end of the day.

However, this is possible to achieve for older babies over 4 months old than it is for younger toddlers.  

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2. Adopt Bottle-Feeding

To make it easy for you to breastfeed your child and also work from home, you can have your baby feed from the bottle. You can hence pump your breast milk and feed from the bottle to balance feeding and working. This is very doable if you have some one else helping you out in looking after the baby.

Pumping gives you the option of feeding your baby from the bottle when you are working. This is especially so if you want your baby to still feed under demand but you are engaged in critical work tasks. Hence you should consider bottle feeding as one way to make working from and breastfeeding possible and easy for you.

Doing this to make working and breastfeeding possible easier as it means that you will need to pump your breast milk and keep it ready for when the baby needs. Fortunately pumping is something you can do during off work hours such as in the morning or evening to ensure it does not interfere with your work.

Also it is important to ensure you have an adequate supply of milk to allow you the flexibility of working from home and feeding your baby as well. In addition, you need to have a child care plan whereby someone else like a nanny or partner is helping with feeding and caring for the baby while you continue working. 

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3. Multitasking between Working and Breastfeeding your Baby

One of the breastfeeding challenges for working mothers is how to work and breastfeed at the same time. Fortunately, breastfeeding especially for small babies can be achieved off hands to allow multitasking. You can hence manage to breast feed and work at the same time by doing it at the same time when the need arises.

To multitask between working and breastfeeding you just need a comfortable nursing chair. This way you can have your hands free for other tasks such as working as you breastfeed. Even if your baby is breast feeding on demand, you can be able to manage work and breastfeeding your baby if you multi-task the two.

To manage this, you need to be less demanding and less focused as you might still need to watch the baby while he/she feeds. You still need to maintain the right posture for breastfeeding too so you can only do tasks allowing you to stay in this position. For instance, you can read and reply to your emails on your phone as you breastfeed your baby. Allocate time for other focused tasks when you are not nursing the baby instead. 

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tips on making breastfeeding when working  from home easier

4. Blocking Time on your Work Calendar to Breast feed

One other effective way you can manage and make working from home and breastfeeding possible is by blocking your calendar. Blocking your work calendar on the hours you are engaged to breastfeed the baby will make both tasks manageable. Doing this will let you nurse your baby adequately without work pressures.

However, this option is only possible for some work streams and work types when you are mostly a lone worker rather than part of a team. The nature of some jobs doesn’t allow workers to choose work hours even when working from home when they can do things such as breastfeed their child.

If your employer allows it, you can nurse your baby even he/she feeds on demand by blocking off your calendar. Eventually you will manage to work from home effectively while still adequately breastfeeding your baby.

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5. Use Nursing/Lactating Break Allocations to Breastfeed your Baby

If you work for a mom-friendly company/employer, you should be entitled to some nursing time. You are still entitled to the same privilege such as pumping time as when you are working from the office. If so you will easily manage to get time to breastfeed your child and also some time to work remotely.

However, your company and also the nature of your work will determine if this is an option for you. If you have this option, you can use it to make working from home and breastfeeding manageable.

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Tips on Managing Remote Work and Breastfeeding (Guide for Moms Working from Home)

1. Invest in a Good Nursing Chair and Support Pillow

It will help you in comfortable nursing and multitasking so that breastfeeding from home as you work is easy and comfortable.

2. Pre-plan Everything

Pump milk off-work hours, and plan ahead  for the day’s work tasks. Having a solid plan laid out helps you avoid wasting time or procrastinating hence can easily manage working from home and breastfeeding your child.

3. Hibernate from Work when Possible

Turn off camera during meetings if nursing. When possible work behind the scenes to allow you to multitask and breast feed your child as you work.

4. Practice a Hybrid Feeding Approach

Breastfeed when you can and bottle feed when you cannot . Doing a mixture of these approaches allows you the flexibility of working when necessary and breastfeeding when possible.

5. Practice Moderate Adjustments

Start out moderately with remote working and breastfeeding. If possible do part-time work and later go full time remote work to help in adjusting to the new routine. 

6. Have a Reliable Child Care Plan

You need a nanny/partner/family helping you with caring for the baby. Such support is crucial to make remote work for working from home possible for moms who also want to breast feed.

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bottle feeding will allow to work from home and offer breast milk

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