6 Simple Secrets to Easily Making & Keeping Mom Friends

Being a working mom is quite time-consuming, especially if you are working full time. Subsequently, some make little to no new mom friends, leaving the circle to only some long-term friends or colleagues that one’s works with.

As a result, the social life of a working mom can take a backseat.  Nonetheless, all working moms need mom friends. The come in handy to help such as childcare , offer support for managing work and motherhood and enrich your social life.

To make new and keep mom friends, you can this by creating time for socializing, be open, make firsts and be versatile. If you have one friend , make new ones. You need as many mom friends as possible.

The more mom friends you have the better. Having a circle of at least 5 moms whom you close and can rely for their support is the ideal number.

Why you Need Mom Friends

1. Mom Friends Helps Women Share Interests

When you become a mom, you may realize that your priorities, how you spend your time, and with who changes. It is why you may lose a few friends along the way, especially as you no longer share the same interests and values.

Given the new change to parenting, you equally need new friends, especially mom friends who are also working to help you in the parenting journey, work, and related challenges. As such having mom friends is very important.

2. Mom Friends Enriches your Social Life

Mom friends are a great component of your social life as a working mom. There is so much, in addition to having kids and working that you have in common that takes your friends beyond parenting.

You have the same priorities, needs, and interests that make relating easier and your social life-enriching. All working moms deserve that thriving social life aspect to make life an all-around success. Ensure then that you have a number of mom friends within your social circle.

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3. Great Support System for Working Moms

Moms friends are a good support system, for any working mom. They offer support, help, and a listening ear when you want to vent or pour your heart out, especially from challenges both at work and at parenting.

You will find this support system is very relieving as they can easily relate to your problems and what you are going through. They probably are or have gone through the same challenges before therefore are in a better position to offer advice and a better perspective to help you.

In such as circle, there is no shame or judgment by sharing your problems. You will hence benefit alot from having several mom friends.

4. Create Family Friends for your Kids

You are more likely to become mom friends with your kid’s friend’s parents. This, therefore, means also both of your kids are also benefiting socially and development-wise.

It works out pretty well when the kids are of the same age as your kids. They play together, invite each other for functions and parties, and generally thrive together socially.

Proven Expert Tips on Making and Keeping Mom Friends 

Tip 1: Create Time for Mom- Friendships

One of the main reasons working moms suck at making mom friends is having no time at all. It is true that there are a lot of time demands placed on a working mom that makes it hard to find the time. But you will need to create time if you want mom friends.

Time is of the essence in both meeting and maintaining mom friends. If you do not give in the time, you will realize that your connections eventually die out as others may feel that they are putting in too much effort than you are. You will make new mom friends this way.

If you don’t have any mom friends start by creating some time off your schedule and be purposeful in finding new friends.

Tip 2: Be Open and Inviting to Friendships

I read somewhere that kids are so good at making friends, while adults suck. Of course, personality matters more here but generally, it is harder for an adult to make new friends, especially a working mom.

Therefore you need to change your attitude towards friendships. Kids are good at making friends because they are open and inviting. You, therefore, need to adopt the same attitude.

Be open, and inviting to new people. Don’t be snobbish with moms making small talk with you. Also treat strangers with kindness, you never who you ends up being great mom friends with eventually.

Tip 3: Don’t Be Afraid To Make the First Move

You need to start somewhere if you are to make mom friends. This means being intentional in making friends. This may be easier for extroverts than introverts but you have to make effort.

Be the one to make that first move. Say hi to a fellow mom at a park. Start small talk on your daycare picks up/drop off. Ask for that number from a mom you have felt a closeness to during a birthday party. Make that call and show up.

Making the first move however does not mean forcing it. Always respect the other person and give space if necessary. By doing so you will get and keep new mom friends. You may some people you could become great friends with because you refused to initiate the friendship.

Tip 4: Show up Where and When Moms Show Up 

Meeting new people may be easy for some moms, especially extroverts. But making these people your friends and maintaining that friendship is hard. It requires regular checkups on each and meet-ups. It is all about showing up and being there for each other.

Doing so may include either regularly meeting up that your group of mom friends holds, or a being active in the chat room or showing for mom friend’s kid’s birthday. Hang out with them, call each other, and message each other among other things.

When you act distant, your friendships easily die out. But when you are close and connected, your mom friendships will thrive. Ensure you do not lose any mom friend that you have gained because they cant rely on your support.

Proven Expert Tips on Making and Keeping Mom Friends 

Tip 5: Seek Friends from Different Sources

Like I have mentioned before, you never know who can end being your great mom friend. You have to start somewhere i.e. being strangers, so get comfortable finding acquaintances from all possible places.

You can make new mom friends from either at daycare, your workplace, school functions, social media, kid birthday parties, and where you do your hobbies among others.  All these are places with people who are likely to have the same interests with you among other things.

While having kids the same age as your kids is great, having a personality that clicks with you is equally important. That’s why you have to start with strangers, making them acquaintances, and proceed to friendship if you are both on the same page. Eventually you will find great friends in them.

Tip 6: Be Ready to Walk the Journey to Real Mom Friendship

Remember that getting to friendship is a journey. You start as strangers to become friends. There will be different levels and stages along the way to real friendship that you have to walk. Dont lose your friend alongside this journey because you are unavailable.

Be willing to walk the journey and give the process time. Do not be frustrated when it is taking too long. Enjoy each and every moment of your friendship journey and take time to know each other.

Eventually, you will be glad for this process when you have a great friendship to show for it, lasting even after all kids are grown up. Your mom friends will become an important part of your life.

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