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It is that time that is un-doubtfully family time as we get to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with our families together. Christmas has always been a big deal, especially for us Christians. It is the highlight of the year for most families as it comes to a close.

If you are crazy about Christmas and the things you can do during the season, then you must be excited and enthusiastic about it as I am. You can make it amazing, special and excellent for your family.

You can celebrate it through new family traditions, create a Christmas calendar, putting up the Christmas tree together, family bonding time, or engage in charity work.

Top 6 Family Christmas Ideas

1. Establish New Family Traditions this Christmas

Christmas is made fun by family Christmas traditions. These are things you do around this Christmas that makes it fun and complete for your family. Most of these Christmas traditions are passed from generation to generation.

If your family does not have, you can create new Christmas traditions and adopt them as your own. Some examples of Christmas ideas for the family include;

  • Making a family dish together- this is a fun way of celebrating Christmas with family
  • Christmas gift exchange – gifting is a common Christmas tradition
  • Story telling on Christmas Eve – A nice way of spending time with family
  • Homemade crafts for the Christmas tree- very popular because of involving the kids
  • Christmas lunch with family members- include your extended family members for this
  • Creating a family year book-creates good family memories
  • Family games for Christmas- very fun and involving for everyone in the family
  • Wearing matching pajamas- kids love this, a very nice idea for Christmas for the family this year 2024
  • Sponsor a family for Christmas- a grateful way of spending Christmas as a family

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Create homemade crafts for the Christmas tree with your family this Christmas

2. Create a Christmas Calendar for the Family

The activities that you want to do on this Christmas 2024 can get in the way of actually doing them. Avoid this by creating a family Christmas calendar and include as much family events as much as possible.

Some ideas for some calendar allocations for the family’s Christmas include;

  • Making an advent calendar
  • Making Christmas crafts –
  • Putting up the tree – this may take up most of your time during Christmas
  • Gift shopping – you need to buy Christmas gifts for the family early in advance
  • Charity work – have your family participate in helping out the needy
  • Christmas family lunch-
  • Church service- Christmas cant be complete without attending a Christmas service
  • Neighborhood cookie swap – if you have lovely neighbors, appreciate them this year’s Christmas with cookie swap
  • Sponsor a family for Christmas – In place of charity for this year, you can instead host a family for Christmas

3. Christmas Gift Shopping for the Family

Christmas gift is a splendid Christmas idea for the family. We are all aware of the Santa fairy tale. Kids wake up in the morning and find gifts from Santa that they had secretly wished for.

Well the gifts are actually bought and its fun gifting your kids to build on the kid’s belief about Santa. Along the year you must have learnt what they need or rather what they want.

Look around and choose the best family gifts for Christmas and make their Christmas memorable.  You do not want to bring them along for the shopping as the gifts must remain purely a surprise. Make sure that you also get gifts for the other grown up members of the family as well. 

Some Christmas gifts ideas for the family include;

  • Mugs –
  • Family photos- a favorite Christmas gift
  • Personalized cardigans – kids will love this
  • Portrait- your partner will love this
  • Kitchen appliances- a functional simple gifts adults in the family will love

Ensure that you however have a budget for these gifts. Even if you have no money you can still gift your family this 2024 Christmas by creating and making simple and free gifts yourself.

Some simple, free and frugal yet thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for your family include;

  • An experience- e.g Christmas lunch
  • Home made cookies
  • Memory jar
  • Custom aprons
  • Plants
  • Customized calendars

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4. Putting Up the Christmas tree

Christmas for the family is not complete without a Christmas tree. It is a fun Christmas idea for the family and how to spend Christmas together. There are many Christmas tree options out there from a live tree to an aesthetic one that you can use this year 2024.

The fun part for the family is putting it up as it is very fun, engaging and bonding. To ensure everyone enjoys it, have your spouse, kids and other family members help in putting the Christmas tree up and decorating it.  

You can put the tree anytime you want but most families put up the tree from as early as November to as later as the Christmas Eve. You can be reasonable and choose a time that is not too early or too late within the year 2024.

5. Family Bonding on  Christmas

Family means different things for different people. But whatever that is for you, it is sure reinforced by spending time together as a family this 2024 Christmas. If there is one valuable way of spending Christmas together this year 2024 is with through family bonding. It strengthens the family, and you to get to appreciate each and every member in the family. 

Bonding together as a family is crucial during Christmas, be it with your spouse and kids or other members of your extended family. While doing so you catch up on old days and reminisce about past memories.

Have a meal together with your family this Christmas

6. Do Christmas Charity Work Together as Family this Year 2024

As we celebrate Christmas with our family, let us not forget about those people who do not have a family anymore for one reason or the other. They could be orphaned children in a children’s home or an aged couple whose children no logger visit them. Identify a needy case within your area and plan on visiting them during this year’s 2024 Christmas.

Do some basic shopping to take along and you can even take household items you no longer use in your homestead but are still in good condition. Take your spouse and kids with you as a family and let them also help out in the chores such as cleaning and cooking. Enjoy a meal together and you shall see how much these people enjoy and appreciate the gesture.

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