5 Proven Tips on Why & How to Quit a Recent Job that you have Just Started

Don’t feel bad or guilty about quitting a new job that you have just started. You can quit even on the first day or week for several work or personal reasons.

If you got offered a different position pay that what you agreed to, you hate the job, the work place is toxic/poorly managed, you feel unappreciated or the jobs does not allow you a work life balance, you are justified to leave immediately.

The best and most professional way of quitting such a new job is giving notice in an official resignation letter as stipulated in your contract. Alternatively you can talk to or email your HR or supervisor about leaving the workplace. If there are no possibility of aggressive repercussions from the employer for not giving notice, you can simply not show up the next day or wait for pay day then quit.

Can I Leave A Job I Have Just Started?

The high level of unemployment across the world has made moms very desperate. Often getting a job is considered fortunate enough, leaving many people at crossroads on what to do when the new job is not what they really they thought it would be.

You can get out of a job very easily as long as it is not a contracted position.  Probation periods work both ways where the company gets to see if they like you, and you get to see if you like them. However it is professionally advisable to give your job some adjustment time to really decide if you hate your job or not.

Nonetheless it is okay to leave a job you have just started a few days, weeks or months after. Do not feel pressured to stay because you feel it is too soon to resign. You also don’t need to acknowledge it on your resume when looking for another job.

Common Reasons for Moms to Quit A New Job

There are many reasons that may lead you to quit a new job such as;

1. You are Offered a Different Position/Pay

If the job is not what you expected, just quit immediately. If you find that the position that you are working on is not what you accepted during the on boarding, it is advisable to leave that job. If it is not what you signed up for, it is a good reason to leave immediately you realize this intended mistake.

Also if realize that your payment is not what you were promised when starting your new job, then just quit it. If your contract and what you initially agreed differ, quit and leave as soon as possible.

2. It’s a Toxic Work Environment

A healthy work environment is very important for your productivity and mental health. If you find the environment of your new workplace is toxic, it is understandable to leave even on the first day or first month.

Also is if it a poorly managed workplace, you better leave the job for something better. Things such as structure, communication, and processes are crucial for your performance and staying may negatively affect you.

3. You are Suffering Mental & Physical Burnout

No job is worth the mental or physical burnout that comes from being overwhelmed by work. If you feel that the new job is too physically and emotionally overwhelming, you should quit immediately no matter how short you have worked there.

4. If You Hate the Work

Being happy at the work you do is very crucial for your productivity and performance. Quit if your feel this is the case as there is really no need to work in a job that you hate. If you like your old job better, you can see if you can go back.

5. You are not Appreciated

If you do not feel appreciated in your new job, quit your job as soon as you can. You should not continue working on a job where your value and worth are not felt or noticed. There are many employer out there who are committed to show their appreciation to their workers.

6. Poor Work/Life Balance

Some jobs have poor work/life balance and if this happens to be your new job, it is recommended to just quit even whether it is your first day, week or month. It is a good justifiable reason for leaving your new job because as a working mom, you need for others such as family, friends and self.

7. You are About to be Fired

Save your dignity and quit first. If you feel you are about to be fired from your new job then you can go ahead and quit anyway. Sometimes you may just be a poor match and do not wait to be fired when you know you will be released soon.

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How to Quit your Recent Job Professionally

1. Give a Resignation Notice

Giving notice on quitting is the most respectful and professional way to quit a job that you have only started. You may be obligated to give some notice, depending on your employment agreement.

Check-in your contract if there is a stated a specific notice period you should give them. Sometimes it is about 14 days but this may be different from one workplace to the other.

In some fields, it may seem unprofessional to leave a job have without notice as it may haunt you later in your professional career. In such cases giving the required notice is the only safe way for you to quit a new job.

You can give the notice via, email, letter, or verbally. However, it is important to have a record that you can refer back to in the future.

2. Talk to your Boss about Leaving

Sometimes it is not right to burn bridges in the workplace. If your boss is approachable, you can talk to them about your quitting and the reasons that you are quitting. It is only kind to alert them so that they can plan on employing a replacement.

Don’t be too complicated in your explanation. Just be simple by saying that the job is not serving you and it is better for you and your employer to part. The intention is to let your boss know you are leaving or you have left.  Your boss may try to keep you but if you are decided about leaving the new job, then you should not be persuaded.

3. Make a Call to your HR

If you do not want to give a written notice about quitting your new job, then you can give your boss a call. You can be straight-up honest and tell them that you have received an offer that you can’t resist and you really have to go.

If you feel that a phone call makes you anxious,  an email will be just fine. Keep the communication brief, and straightforward. The HR will also advise you if there is anything you will need to do.

4. Don’t Showing up at Work the Next Day

If you will feel there will be no aggressive repercussions from your employer, then you can just quit without notice. Ghosting is the most convenient way for you,especially if you are quitting after a day or week.

Just take your personal belongings home and forget about your new job. You can even go ahead and block their number, or just ignore their calls.

However what happens when you quit your job without notice is that you may not get paid for the few days you have worked. However you do not need to worry if you have only worked for a few days or a week.

5. Wait For the Pay Day & Leave

If your new workplace has poor exit policies or you don’t want to follow them, then you can leave once you have been paid. If you leave before, you may not get paid for the far you have worked so wait until you are paid and then leave.

After getting paid simply don’t show up at your workplace the following day. If you don’t want to use your current job as a future reference, don’t worry about burning bridges

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