Don’t Quit yet( Pro & Cons to Get Another Job Offer First)

Quitting a job without another lineup is taking quite a risk and gambling with no certain results. The standard advice is to wait until you have another job offer before leaving your current job. It is one of the safest ways of quitting your job because you are assured tyou already have another one lined up.

However, you should not regret not waiting until having another job for you to quit if you had valid reasons to do so.While it seems like a reckless and shaky move, it is not completely stupid or unwise.  Some circumstances may force you to quit your current job when you do not have another one in line.

Some of the reasons why you should quit immediately and not wait till you get another job is if you are in a toxic work environment that is putting your mental health at risk. Your job is not worth losing your head over.

Quitting when you don’t have another job offer exposes you to better job opportunities, and enhances your career value by putting you out of your comfort zone. On the other hand you risk having financial struggles , no surety of a job, and the gap in your work history may affect your negatively.

Nonetheless you can hasten and quickly get another job by using your time wisely, leveraging your network and being strategic in your new job applications. If it takes you longer to get another job, you can survive this transition in between jobs by taking a career step back, going back to school, starting your own business or being a stay at home mom.

Benefits of Quitting Without Another Offer

The standard and recommended advice is to wait until you have another job lined up before leaving your current job. However, it does not mean you are stupid or reckless when you quit your job without another offer in place. It is not the ideal situation and is actually taking a risk but there are benefits to this approach such as;

1. You Get Better Work Opportunities

The thrill of quitting your unfulfilling current job thrusts you into a field when there are so many opportunities. Not being willing to settle for what you have currently and being willing to risk the journey of pursuing a better job keeps you alive and motivated. You are therefore more likely to get a better and more fulfilling job than the one you are quitting from.

2. It Enhances your Career Value

Quitting, even when you don’t have another job lined up gets you out of your comfort zone and thrusts you into the market where you can sell your value to secure another job. It teaches you better skills at applying for jobs and marketing your skills and value to potential employers.

The risks therefore positively impacts you with better negotiation skills because you know your worth and the value you are bring to your employer . You hence become more appealing and attractive career wise to potential employers.

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Risk of Quitting without Another Job Offer

1. You Undergo Financial Struggles

When you quit a job and you don’t get another job immediately, you risk a period of financial strain. Surviving financially will be tough for you because you are moving from a salaried job to looking for a job and without any income forthcoming.

Hence if you take too long to get another job, you will experience a financial crisis. You are unlikely to get anxious over your finances. It is for this reason quitting is only recommended until you create a financial plan first.

It can be really overwhelming if you are not prepared for the financial demand but the situation may be better if you have some money saved. Alternatively you can rely financially on your partner before you can get another job.  

2. No Surety of a Job Anxiety

It can be worrying and feel like taking a big risk when you are quitting a job and not sure of where you are going next. Resigning this way will make you anxious because you are not sure if and how long it will take you to get another one.

Unless you are planning to go into self employment, you will find this to be a period of uncertainty and anxiety because you are jobless and no sure about your career future. As such it is safer and wiser to look for a job when you are in another job because of the surety of a job.

3. Negative Impact on your CV

When you quit your job and do not resume working immediately, there is a break in your work history. If you take too long before getting employed again, the break can negatively affect your employ-ability. Any gap in your work history is considered questionable by employer and may take you longer before you can land another job.

How to Get Another Job Immediately/Fast

The amount of time it will take you to find another job after quitting your job will depend on many factors. It will be faster for you to get another job if you are highly experienced, apply into high demand fields, and move to urban locations.

By doing this, it can typically take you as short as 1 – 2 months. Some of the ways you can hasten getting another job immediately after you include;

1. Start Job Hunting Immediately

When you quit your current job and did not have another in line, the first immediate thing to do is start job hunting. You can always find a better job but you must not waste time after you quit.

Start actively looking into companies that are hiring for your position and applying as soon as needed. Attend as many interviews as possible and luckily you will not stay long after you quit without getting another job.

2. Apply in High Demand Fields

The fields where the demand for workers is high is easier and faster for you to find a job immediately after quitting your current one. Some fields you can consider include sales & marketing ,technology, customer service and care giving as these always need employees. You can take a period of 1 – 2 months only to get a new job if you try these fields.

3. Leverage on your Experience

Your level of experience in the field and qualifications will determine how long you will stay before getting another job. The more qualified and experienced you are the easier and faster it will be for you to get employed.

Therefore if you have amassed a lot of experience in your domain or area, it is time to leverage and capitalize on this expertise. You can get another job easily and immediate of you have over 5 years experience in a certain high demand area. Apply for jobs that require a high level of experience and expertise and you will easily stand out.

4. Relocate to Urban Locations

Work is easier to come by in some locations than it is in others. If you are finding it harder and longer to get another job after you have quit , it is time to move to or apply for jobs in another location.

Some jobs are specific to a certain location because of location strategic factors and therefore you will find it easy to get another job if you move close to where your interest jobs and companies are situated.

5. Only Apply to Jobs Matching your Skills

You should not waste your time by applying for job that are out of your range by qualifications. If you are not qualified for a job, don’t spend your time and energy focusing on it. Instead research for and apply only for job in which you have a chance because your are qualified and skilled for them.

Time is essence now and you need to spend it wisely. It will be easier and faster for you to land another job if you are focused on which kind of jobs you want and have a high chance of getting employed in.

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6. Leverage on your Network

Now is the time to use your professional network wisely. All the contacts that you have gathered over the course of your career should have some value for you now.

Ask around your network who is hiring in your areas of expertise. Ask them to recommend you for positions that you are qualified in. List them up as your referees if it will weigh better for you.

By doing so, you may get a job immediately or soon after without a lot of job hunting. Most people know when, where and who is hiring so will not hesitate to give in a good name for you.

Tips on How to Survive In-Between Jobs

If you quit your job and don’t find another job immediately, you are in between jobs and here are some things you can do to survive this transition;

1. Consider Taking a Career Step Back

Taking a career step back is highly recommended when you are in-between jobs. If quit your job and do not have another job offer soon, you can consider starting a job in a different field.  

By doing so, it will allow you to reflect and choose a career path that is more suitable and comfortable for you. If you had to quit your current job because of work-related stress or poor work balance it is your chance now to work in a job that is less demanding and allows you time for yourself, your baby, and your family.

The move may require you to work in a position or profession that you are overqualified for that is more mom-friendly and suits your needs at this particular point in life.

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2. Go Back to School

One of the things you can do when you do not have a job ready after you have quit to go back to school. Going back to school is an exciting opportunity and path for many working moms who are in between jobs. Some working moms even purposefully quit their jobs so that they can resume their studies. 

Going back to school after you quit your job will give your more skills and time to look for another job once you complete your studies. Also it allows you to pursue a field that you are passionate about and advance your knowledge.

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Guaranteed Tips to Survive Being In-Between Jobs

3. Start your own Business

If you quit your job today but do not have another job ready, start your own business. Put your future into perspective and decide if venturing into self-employment may be possible for you.The in between jobs is a period that has a lot of uncertainties but this will get you out comfort zone.

You can get creative and innovative and bring into life the idea for your own company. There are so many benefits you will reap by taking the bold step as working in your business allows you to be your own boss and work in a field that you are passionate about.

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4. Be a Stay at Home Mom

If there is no other job lined up when you are quitting, rest from work and decide to be a stay-at-home mom. You do not need to work your entire life as a mom. You can quit your job today and decide to be a stay-at-home mom if you do get an immediate job offer.

The option of staying at home allows you to care for your children and manage your own home. If you decide later that you are ready for the workforce again, you can always choose a career and start applying to resume working again. 

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