Simple Guaranteed No Sweat Office Exercises all Working Moms Must Try

Fitting an exercise regime into a working mom routine is a tough call. It is pretty hard to get adequate time to work out as one would wish. The little time one can squeeze in after work is never enough. But think of how a good balance it is if you can manage to exercise while you are still at the office.

It does not need to be intensive workouts that will require a change of cloth but small exercises within the office that will keep you fit and active. You can achieve these exercises without too much sweat or looking like a weirdo in the office.

If you work full time, it is possible to still work out by doing simple exercises at the office. These office activities and exercise in this post will equal to you going to the gym after the end of your workday.

Simple No Sweat Office Exercise for Working Moms

  • Take office stairs not lift
  • Opt for walking meetings
  • Walk not call colleagues
  • Walk during breaks
  • Chair exercises
  • Use a standing desk
  • Walking calls

1. Take Office Stairs not the Lift – Simple Exercise

If your office has a staircase, you can use this to your advantage to stay active throughout the day. Instead of taking the lift, use the stairs instead.

Doing so keeps you on your feet and active. You can do this in the morning as you report to work, in the evening as you go, and at any time you have to leave the office for work-related errands.

You only need to be aware of time engaged in walking the stairs; hence make an allowance for this additional time. Also use the toilet on different floors and use the stairs to get there.

2. Conduct Walking Meetings- No Sweat

If the nature of your work allows, you can opt for walking meetings instead of sitting in a meeting. A walking meeting is whereby you have work-related catchup and updates about work while walking with your boss.

It is a better and more active way of keeping fit than having a sit-in meeting where you are not engaging physically. It re energizes you and keeps you inspired to work throughout the day.

You can walk around the office or outside as you go overwork with your boss, supervisor, juniors, or team member. People will not think you are weird as you do, but you will have achieved your goal of staying active around the office.

The exercise is a good option of countering sitting the whole day at the office and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.

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3. Walk not Call your Colleagues – Exercise without Looking Weird

While at the office, you may need to consult with your colleagues over a matter. In a typical scenario, you would call your colleague either on your office intercom or cell phone.

However, there is even a better way you can keep yourself active while you are doing it. Instead of calling your colleague, simply walk over to them. By doing so you can avoid a sedentary lifestyle and avoid staying on your chair all day.

It will not break a sweat and cumulatively keep you on your feet, from the many times you usually call your colleagues during the day. Every time you need something around the office, wake up on your feet and get it instead of calling.

Simple No Sweat Office Exercise for Working Moms

4. Walk during Breaks – Stay Active with No Sweat

Most working moms take advantage of the breaks within office hours to relax and rest. However, this is a time that you can use to decompress and reenergize but stay active.

Talk a brisk walk around the block during your tea or lunch break, and you will notice the difference. The exercise will make me feel more energetic and ready for the rest of the workday. Also, it will not cause any sweating, so you will still be presentable.

Instead of staying at your desk or on your phone during the office breaks, talk a walk instead. Make sure you take a walk at least once an hour. Go to the printer, toilet, and kitchen. Staying on your feet keeps you active and not just sitting on your chair the whole day.

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5. Do Chair Exercises – Simple without Sweat

Another popular activity you can try around the office to stay fit and active are chair exercises. These are exercises that you do as you sit in your office and hence are time-saving, easy and convenient. Also, you dont break a sweat or get weird glances from your colleagues.

It is possible to do exercises on your chair as you sit in your office. Some simple chair exercises that you can do around the office include;

  • Bodyweight dips
  • Arm circles
  • Stretches- Shoulders, neck, lower back and hips
  • Clench different muscles for isometric holds
  • Seated vacuum holds on the core
  • Kegels
  • Dips if the chair has armrests
  • L sits
  • Stretch out your hip flexors/hamstrings
  • Sitting on a yoga ball as you work- then shifting your weight around and maintaining your balance.

Most of these exercises you can do on your chair without anyone noticing.

simple chair exercises at work

6. Use a Standing Desk – Simple Exercise without Sweat

Most of us are used to working at a sitting desk. One main drawback of a sitting desk is that you are less active throughout the day hence not engaging in any activities to keep you physically fit.

An alternative to this would be to use a standing desk instead. A standing desk allows you to work while standing, hence keeping you on your feet and active.

Some chair designs are great, whereby they make you feel like you’re standing but supported, and it takes the pressure off your behind and lowers your back. It prevents you from hunching over your desk as you tire later during the day.  

Maybe your employer can provide an adjustable height desk to switch between sitting and standing height, so your muscles aren’t tensed in the same position all day.

If a standing desk is not an option for you for either health or reasons related to your work, you can ensure that you wake up from your seat and walk around every now and then throughout the day at the office. You can set calendar alerts every few minutes to ensure you don’t sit for too long.

7. Take Walking Calls

Similar to walking meetings, you can have your work calls as you walk. Instead of sitting down on your desk as you talk on your phone, walk instead. You can walk around the office or around the block to avoid looking weird.

Some calls are considerably long, and it will benefit you when you do something that physically engages you as you talk, such as walking.

Secrets on Finding Ideal Locations for Office Workout

We all need a location where you can work out where few people are around, and you don’t have to look like a weirdo. Some fantastic and creative places around the workplace include;

1. The stairwells

The stairs are perfect for conducting office exercise

2. Cubicle desk

Cubicles have the privacy of doing office exercise without looking weird

3. Gym

Any gym close to the office is an ideal and convenient for working moms looking to stay active

4. Conference room

offers privacy to exercise in office in between breaks

5. A spare room

A spare room that only you have access is convenient and private for office exercise

6. Office

Your office is also convenient and private for office exercise

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