Top Reasons Meal Delivery Services are Right for You

Next to cleaning, cooking is one of the most dreaded tasks for working moms. It can take up so much time and energy considering the prepping the food and the actual cooking; not something to look forward to.

Because of the efficiency and convenience needed, you should consider meal delivery options because of its benefits. They involve less work and time because they are delivered ready, hence enhancing your work life balance which makes them right for working moms. Further they are professionally done, healthy and affordable.

However on the other hand, the meal delivery service may come with some disadvantages. They may get too costly, encourage unhealthy eating, may still need to time to make the meal ready to eat, may not be enough for big families and negatively affect the environment.

Unique Benefits of Meal Delivery Service for Working Moms

1. Less Tiring – Just Ready Meal

Work at the office can be so tiring that most moms have no energy left by the time they get home. Outsourcing cooking and subscribing to meal delivery services means one task off the list of things to do after work for moms.

It is quite relaxing to come from the office to a ready meal that you do not have to cook . It is just what working moms need.

2. Meals are Done Professionally and with Quality

Outsourcing this vital task to the professionals ensures that meals are professionally done. It allows the family to eat their desired meals professionally cooked by a chef. Not all working moms are great cooks and it is nice when one can eat some quality well-cooked food.

Meal delivery services put up a menu every week, you select what you want, and they deliver the meals to your house. Further, there are so many interesting types of meals to try out. They are right for your family if you are food enthusiasts.

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Benefits of Meal Delivery Service for Working Moms

3. Helps Mom Save Time on Meals

Having one thing less to do for a working moms allows time for other tasks. It means one can save a lot of time by not doing grocery shopping, prepping the food, cooking, and cleaning up.

As such when working moms are outsourcing this service, they can use this time to run some personal errands, or take more hours on work among others. The service is then right for you by allowing adequate time off work to ensure you take care of your personal errands.

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4. Enhance Work-life Balance for Moms

It is very important for a working mom to balance work, family, and personal time. It would not be possible if one has to continue working on house chores like cooking after they have spent the whole day at the office working.

As such outsourcing this vital service allows the mom to focus on other work-life balances such as family time, and personal care. By having a service deliver your meals, you can use the otherwise cooking time to spend more quality time with your spouse and/or the kids.

5. Good for Mental Health

The thought of making dinner is not pleasant. It is a thought that many working moms hold all day long at the office. Wondering how fast they can make it at the grocery store, what type of meal they can make that day, how they can multitask cooking time with cleaning dishes among others.

Such a constant worry and scare are not good for the mind. Therefore outsourcing cooking to meal delivery service is so mentally and emotionally liberating. Also they help in balancing mental load and household chores as it requires less energy and time engagement.

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Benefits of Meal Delivery Service for Working Moms

6. Cost Effective & Affordable

When managed well, outsourcing meal delivery services can be cost-effective. You only order what you want so the chances of wastage are minimal. Also, you do not do any grocery shopping, eliminating the cost of any wastage involved in unused/spoilt items.

The meal service is able to max on bulk buying and preparation, offering a cost that is reasonable to customers. In addition, many services offer introductory price offers and discounts that further lower the cost down.

Further, the time and energy saved also translate to “costs “being saved.  As such considering all these cost benefits, you should try out meal delivery.

7. Encourages Healthy Eating

There is a big chance to junk eat when you are in no shape to cook. On most evenings many working moms will not make to prepare a decent healthy meal and opt for junk food that is not good for the health at all. However, when you have a meal delivery service, you will make a deliberate effort to buy in healthy meals.

Why Outsourcing Meal Delivery Services may not be Right for You

1. It is Costly

If not well-managed meal services can be costly compared to cooking. It is one the drawbacks of ordering meals out instead of cooking them. It is especially so if the subscription includes all three meals for the day for all days of the week. In addition, you still have to pay for a service subscription as well as delivery fee for the food to your home.

2. May Encourage Unhealthy Eating

It is possible to eat unhealthy food when you order in via meal delivery services. When cooking your meal, you are in control of the meal ingredients and mode of cooking, hence you can be deliberate about making them as healthy as possible.

However, when using a meal delivery service, there are many unhealthy options on the menu that are tempting. It is easy to keep ordering such meals which at the end of the day is not healthy living. As such it may not be recommended for working moms because meal deliveries can be unhealthy.

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3. May Involve a Huge Time Factor

Depending on the meal delivery service that you chose you may still be required to put in the time. While some services offer pre-ready chef dinners that you just have to heat up, others will need some bit of cooking to make them ready.

Others will just deliver ingredients and a recipe for you so you will have to end up cooking yourself. Therefore the meal delivery service used will determine a lot if you will be able to reap the benefits discussed above.

The recommended services are those that deliver premade chef meals that require no cooking at all. The amount of time that may needed to eat a meal ordered out can be its major drawback that offset its initial purpose of saving time.

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Disadvantages of Outsourcing Meal Delivery Services

4. There are No Leftovers/Refills

Given the business nature of the meal services, you only get to order per unit. Therefore you are unlikely to have any leftovers or even a second refill. Every meal seems to be just the right quantity or even less for a single person’s filling.

For a family where there are huge eaters, the meals end up not being filling unless you order additional quantities which have cost implications. As such meal service is not recommended among huge families.

5. Have Huge Environmental Impact

The meal delivery service uses a lot of packaging for the food. A majority of these packages are plastics hence not green. Further, they end up creating a trash problem for your home. Most of it would need to be composted, which again demands time.

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