How to Spend a Kid-Free Day/Time Away from Kids

As a working mom, you don’t have a lot of time to yourself. The responsibilities can be so much such that you never have a whole day to yourself without the kids. But how would you spend a whole day to yourself without the kids if you get one? No obligations or interruptions at all.

Some of the liberating ways you can spend a kid-free day includes spending time with your spouse, finish on your work project, work on your school project, catch up with your friends, do self-care, sleep-in, indulge in your hobbies, do housekeeping,

How to Spend a Kid-Free Day/Time Away from Kids

1. Spend Quality Time with Your Spouse

It is very ideal that working moms would choose to spend time with their spouse on a kid-free day. Your marriage or romantic relationship can easily take a hit from all the stress and demands of working and parenting. Mostly you and your spouse tend to put less effort into your relationship and start to let things slide in the name of work and parenting.

If you have some time away from the kids, choose to spend it with your spouse. It sounds amazing to a working mom to go on a date with their husband. It is glorious , memorable and can greatly improve the magic of your relationship. 

2. Finish on a Work Project

While this option is not ideal for many working moms, a kid-free day is just the perfect time to work on a major work project. A kid-free day is purely an uninterrupted time and hence you can be very productive since you have least to worry about. When there are fewer distractions it is easier to focus on the task at hand.

Bigger work projects, especially if you are in management need total focus and long blocks of time, which you can only get on a kid-free day. Time away from kids will be really helpful when you have that important work project whose deadline is coming up.

3. Work on Your School Project

Working, parenting, AND studying is possible. Yes, moms working full time are also pursuing their educational goals and parenting at the same time. The mix of these three responsibilities is however super hard and one can easily lag behind in course work and school projects.

Therefore a kid-free day to time away from kids would be a perfect opportunity to work on that school project you have been wanting to work on but could not find the time for it because of the kids.

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4. Catch Up and Meet Up With Friends

A thriving social life is very important to a working mom as it enhances their quality of life. Therefore it is quite in order when to spend your time away from kids by socializing and catching up with their friends.

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5. Do Self-care on Time Away from Kids

Working and parenting is very stressful and draining to a working mom. You need to be well to take care of others and hence it becomes top of the things you can do on a kid free day. You need all the pampering they can get.

You can have a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, hot bath, grooming, waxing, take a nature walk, meditate, do yoga, etc. All these are some of the things you can never do when you have kids and hence important to do them on a kid-free day.

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6. Use your Baby-Free Day to Sleep-in

We all need sleep and unfortunately working moms never get enough of it on a regular basis. Not with the late bedtime, night-time nursing, and early mornings.

A day off without kids around is hence such as nice time to just sleep in. Sleep and sleep some more. Get all the uninterrupted sleep you want in a day.

7. Indulge In Your Hobbies

As a working mom, you will realize that you rarely indulge in your hobbies you had before getting kids. You never have the time for the hobby or the hobbies are inappropriate with the kids around.

Either way a nice way of spending a kid-free day could be indulging in your hobbies that you have otherwise ignored. As such when you have time away from the kids, indulge on your hobbies. An interrupted hobby time is so much therapeutic and crucial for working moms.

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8. Do Some Housekeeping on a Kid-Free Day

It is crazy and impossible to get the house in order when the kids are around. There are always things to clean, toys to pick up, soils to wipe, and just things to fix ALL THE TIME.

A kid-free day therefore would be ideal for most working moms to do some housekeeping. It includes doing thorough house cleaning, and decluttering to make the house neat and clean again.

While you are it look around at how you can improve the look of your house and homestead such as décor among others. It is one the most satisfying ways that you can spend the time that you get away from your children.

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