Try These 7 Simple Interesting Christmas Ideas for your Workplace 2023

Are you working during the Christmas holidays? Don’t worry! You can still have an amazing holiday.  Here are great Christmas ideas, activites, games and events that you can hold for Christmas at the workplace this year 2023.  

You can enjoy your Christmas at the office with fun games and activities. It is no reason for you to sulk and wish the season to be over. Do not hate the Christmas because it will be a work day.

Some of the best, fun and interesting Christmas ideas , games and activities you can implement at the workplace during Christmas are;

Top 7 Ideas That are Interesting for Christmas at Work this year 2023

1. Setting up the Christmas Tree – a Fun Activity

Christmas is not complete without a Christmas tree. Setting one up at work is one of the great ways to spend your Christmas. There are many Christmas tree options out there from a live tree to an aesthetic one that will make Christmas at work fun.

The fun part for you is putting the Christmas tree up as it is very engaging and team building for everyone involved. To make this Christmas idea interesting for every one at work, have everyone participate in putting up the tree up and decorating it.

Many wonder when it the right time to put up a Christmas tree at work. You can opt to put up the tree anytime from early November to early December. You can be reasonable and choose a time that is not too early or too late for setting the Christmas tree up at work.

Also where you put up the Christmas tree in the office is important as well. Choose a central place in the office, where it can easily take the central focal position. The most preferable position to put the tree is the reception area as it is displayed to everyone, even your clients.

Setting up a Christmas tree at work

2. Create Christmas Gifts – Try this Idea for Everyone

Gifting and receiving gifts is one of the oldest Christmas traditions across the world. You can try this interesting activity for your office. If you have been allocated the budget, secretly ask everyone what their ideal present for Christmas would be.

Finding a Christmas gift that your colleagues will love is a fun way to spend your Christmas this year, 2023. Get ideas about the most functional gift for them from their hobbies.

If the budget does not allow for buying of Christmas gifts, there is still another way you can make this Christmas idea at the workplace possible. You can ask the colleagues to voluntarily bring in gifts and spend your Christmas appreciating your colleagues.

These are preferably general gifts that can be shared across the colleagues. Christmas gifts creates such nice memories at the workplace and you should try it this year, 2023.

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3. Create a Workplace Christmas Tradition- A Guaranteed Fun Activity

Christmas is made fun and memorable by Christmas traditions. Creating a Christmas tradition is a great idea and way of spending your Christmas this year, 2023. These are things you do around Christmas that makes it fun and complete, especially with your colleagues.

Just like family traditions you can have fun Christmas traditions that complete Christmas at the workplace. Go for a game, event or activity, that is interesting, simple and easy for all workers to participate.  Some Christmas games and activities you can have as traditions for the workplace include;

* Bringing Christmas cookies to the workplace

* Christmas gift exchange- a favorite Christmas traditions

* Christmas lunch – simple but memorable tradition

* Creating a company year 2023 book- a fun tradition you can try out

* Creating your clients gift box

* Small office party

Working in the office during Christmas day

4. Sharing a Common Christmas Meal or Party- Top Favorite Event

The best thing about Christmas is that it brings people together.  Even at work, you can realize this Christmas magic. Your colleagues are your other type of family and being with them is a great way of spending your Christmas this year, 2023.

To have an engaging Christmas plan a common meal or even a Christmas party at the workplace for everyone, including the cleaners and the security guys at the gate. You can opt to make this a tradition and additionally ask colleagues to bring in a dish from home for sharing.

Alternatively you can order catering services to provide food.  Sharing a common Christmas will be one of the simplest yet the uniting way of spending your Christmas this year.

Another thing you can do at work on Christmas is have a small office Christmas party. Instead of lunch, you can opt for a small party in the evening after the days’ work. Make the office Christmas party simple , fun and fulfilling by allowing everyone to participate.

5. Creating Christmas Gift for Your Clients

Clients are your business’s top asset, without them you would be out of business. Even if you are spending your Christmas at work, you can still make this time fun and fulfilling. One great Christmas idea for the workplace this year, 2023, is to plan to give your clients Christmas gifts.

A Christmas gift will make Christmas great for them by gifting them a Christmas gift box. There are many great ideas of Christmas gifts for clients to choose from. A great way of choosing a Christmas gift for your client is going by basic impersonal items.

Some ideas for Christmas gifts for your clients include;

* A bottle of wine- a common Christmas gift for clients

* A bar of chocolate- Many female clients will love this Christmas gift

* Personalized diaries- a great way of making Christmas special is through these personalized items

* Personalized company themed calendars-this Christmas gift helps connect with clients

* Wall hangings- some clients are intrigued by the thoughtfulness of this Christmas gift

* Create a personalized gift hamper- Include items that your clients will use, maybe for their hobbies. This will show how well you know your client and they will be amazed by this gesture.

However do not go overboard on the value of the gift items.  Be guided by each client’s annual spending on you and go below that.

Ensure you have Christmas themed boxes and wrappings. In addition plan on sending to your client’s seasonal greetings and wishes. You can include a Christmas card on the gift box as well.

Give gifts to clients to celebrate Christmas

6. Do a Christmas Charity Event with Colleagues

As we celebrate Christmas with our colleagues as our family, let us not forget about those people who do not have a family anymore for one reason or the other. They could be orphaned children in a children’s home or an aged couple whose children no longer visit them. Even if you are spending your Christmas at work this year, 2023, don’t hate it yet as you can some few hours for a charity event.

Identify a case requiring charity within your business area and plan on visiting them. Do some basic shopping to take along and you can ask colleagues to bring household items they no longer use in their homestead but are still in good condition. This is a very helpful way of spending your Christmas at work.

Charity is one of the simple but mindful ways you can celebrate Christmas in the office. If possible have your entire team at work participate in helping out in chores such as cleaning and cooking. Enjoy a meal together and you shall see how much these people enjoy and appreciate this charity gesture at Christmas.

Avoid the temptation of taking photos for the sake of showing off, especially on social media. Remember what the bible say “don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”. Let the deeds remain special by preserving the decency of the act.  However this is a great CSR project whose world of mouth will do your business or company great good.

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7. Stay Connected with Family

Lastly do not forget about the families back at home. Even if you are spending your Christmas at work, you can still be close with your family at heart.

Take some time to create day videos of the events to share back at home to stay connected with their families.  You can also make calls and catch up with their families as well. Doing will ensure you enjoy your Christmas this year 2023 even if you spend it at work.

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