All Tips you Need for Your First Performance Review

Many working moms are anxious over their performance reviews. They may feel very critical and easy to take for seasoned employees but can be particularly hard for the first time.

As such you will need to prepare adequately for your performance review. Important things to do include starting with a self evaluation, getting ready with questions, demonstrating your value, asking for support and resources, and doing a mock with your colleagues.

How to Nail your First Performance Appraisal

1. Demonstrate your Value/Input

Performance reviews are meant to evaluate your work and contributions to the company. Be sure to sell yourself by demonstrating your achievements, skills, and knowledge. In addition, respond to your weaknesses and show your growth plan or how you intend to improve in the future. Also, show interest in your growth and ask for support and resources.

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2. Don’t Expect Perfect Review

Before you go in for your first performance appraisal, you need to know that there is no perfect performance review. There are always things to learn, re-learn and improve on. Therefore do not be surprised and upset when you do not get all exemplary ratings.

Expect a truthful and objective review as it will always give insights into your strengths and your weaknesses. The presence of a “Needs Improvement” rating should not taken personally but point you in the direction on the areas you should focus on improving on.

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3. Defend how you Met your Job Expectations

In an ideal performance review, the focus will be on your actual performance in relation to your job expectations. Therefore to get a positive review, you must demonstrate and defend how you have achieved this. The expectation of your first performance review will be on how your actions and contributions tie in with the job expectations and company goals.

Your work is noted and appreciated when it has an impact on the company in a positive way. Therefore to nail the first appraisal, you must focus on those skills and projects within your job expectations and have the most significant impact on the company.

4. React Professionally to Feedback

How you react and respond to questions will matter a lot on the final results of your first review. To have a successful first appraisal you should not appear defensive and arrogant. You are expected to come across as polite and professional by taking any criticism constructively.

You are expected to maintain professionalism and choose integrity and modesty in reaction. You are not expected to argue with the feedback that you are given. Avoid the mistake of getting confrontational when you receive feedback that you disagree with will not be tolerated.

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5. Understand the Link to Your Compensation

Performance reviews are a reflection of the contribution you make to the company and they tie this in with how much compensation you should get. It has become standard practice where your employer will use the results of your performance reviews to determine if you need a raise and how much that would be.

You should expect that good and exemplary performance reviews will get you good annual raises and some possible promotions. Therefore prepare for your first performance review with the necessary compensation information. If you intend to ask for a raise, you should ensure you get a good performance review this very first time.

You are expected to present a comprehensive analysis of your performance and how and why it matters to the company. Include balanced and objective facts that demonstrate your value and why it matters as well as where you are focused on improving.

6. Self Evaluate yourself First

Self evaluation are a great way to prepare for your first performance review. With a good manager, you should be able to know what to expect on your first appraisal based on the feedback you have been receiving.

Use the routinely and iteratively given feedback on your work to evaluate yourself and project how your first appraisal may go. You should be able to know what to expect. For instance, if there have been no complaints/criticisms throughout the year, your review will go fine.

How to Prepare for the First Performance Review

Do the following to prepare for your first performance review.

  • Do an honest self-evaluation before the performance review
  • Prepare notes for your accomplishments, work that needs improving, expectations etc.
  • Create an outline of your contribution to the company- how do you contribute, add value, meet goals, improve performance, sales etc.
  • Have a growth action detailing how you are improving on your work
  • Keep track of things other people in your team do as well. Complimenting your team shows you like working together as a unit.
  • Have a look at existing Employee Performance Review (EPR) forms, in advance to have an idea of what is being evaluated
  • Reach out to your peers and colleagues who have already undergone a performance review.
  • Maintain an open mind and positive attitude. Be prepared to answer any arising questions and justify your answers
  • Do a mock up of the review with a friend or colleague

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