7 Simple & Special Ways to Celebrate International Women Day at Work

What is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is a holiday celebrated annually across the world to honor women. International Women’s Day is important because it is a focal point in the women’s rights movement, highlighting issues that women face such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence & abuse against women.

Many people celebrate or commemorate the day by telling women, “Happy International Women’s Day”.

When is International Women’s Day Celebrated?

International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th March of every year. The first International Women’s Day was celebrated on February 28, 1909, in New York City. It was organized by the Socialist Party of America as a proposal from activist Theresa Malkiel.

International Women’s Day is all about a day to mark the achievements women have made in gaining more equality. This year 2024 International Women’s Day will be celebrated on Friday, March 8, 2024.

International Women’s Day is always celebrated on March 8 every year as it is the date that was marked by the UN for celebrating women’s rights.

Is International Women’s Day a Public Holiday?

International Women’s Day is a public holiday in several countries. Countries such as Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, China (for women only), Cuba, Georgia, Guinea-Bissau, Eritrea, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Madagascar (for women only), Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Nepal, and Russia among others celebrate International Women’s Day as a public holiday.

Other countries observe and celebrate International Women’s Day without making it a national holiday. In countries such as Australia, Cameroon, Croatia, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Vietnam, and Chile, International Women’s Day is not a public holiday.

Reasons for Moms to Celebrate International Women’s Day at Work 

Working moms at work celebrate International Women’s Day at the workplace. There are so many workplaces across the world that holds some sort of International Women’s Day celebration at the office.

1. Marks the Day

It is very appropriate and relevant as an in-office celebration this year 2023. It is not weird at all to mark International Women’s Day celebrations at your workplace.

2. Signify Women’s Rights

International Women’s Day is specifically significant and important for working moms because it signifies the rights that women fight for, more so at work such as gender equality. International Women’s Day is all about celebrating and recognizing the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.

3. Acknowledge the Contribution of Women Employees

The point of celebrating International Women’s Day in the office is that it is a great opportunity for workplaces to acknowledge the contribution of women employees and promote gender equality. It is an important day at work for women and should be celebrated both by men and women.

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Simple and Special Ways of Celebrating International Women’s Day in the Office

Special Ways of Celebrating International Women’s Day in the Office

1. Pick a Theme Color to Celebrate the Day at Work

To mark and celebrate International Women’s Day at work with your female colleagues, you can select a theme for the day. Pick a color such as purple and have everyone wear something purple to work. You can also go ahead and decorate the building and the office in the theme color.

Doing so will be a unique way of marking the day and uniting both men and women in celebrating International Women’s Day this year 2024.

2. Buy Gifts for your Female Colleagues on Women’s Day

Your female colleagues at work will love to receive gifts on International Women’s Day. It does not need to be an expensive gift and can be as simple as flowers for every female employee at work.

Other impactful and unique gifts for women during International Women’s Day at Work include;

  • Chocolate – Every woman loves chocolate and it’s a nice treat on International Women’s Day
  • Office items e.g., pens, notebooks, markers, etc.- Working moms always need writing materials and hence these office items are very relevant as impactful and meaningful gifts for women in your office for celebrating International Women’s Day this year 2024.
  • Candles- Candles are unique and sentimental gifts for working moms at the office to celebrate International Women’s Day
  • Water bottles, and mugs- These gifts are quite functional and a nice way of celebrating your female colleagues on International Women’s Day this year
  • Branded T-Shirts, hoodies- Find a cool brand that is associated with International Women’s Day and commemorate International Women’s Day with the working moms/females in your office with these gifts.
  • Greeting card – Greetings are great at communicating your genuine and heartfelt appreciation for your female co-workers. Write some custom messages for women in your office to commemorate International Women’s Day 2023.

Whatever gift you choose for the female colleagues in your office, ensure that it is simple, unique and thoughtful. Such a way commemorating International Women’s Day will have more impact and be memorable for the women you work with.

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Gifts for your Female Colleagues on Women’s Day

3. Give a Thank you Address to Female Co-Workers 

One way you can show your love and appreciation for your female colleagues on International Women’s day is by thanking them. Women do appreciate the acknowledgement of their accomplishments on a regular basis or when they do great work, more especially on this day.

Gather everyone around during the tea break and thank the moms/women who work in your office. As a working mom, you understand the challenges that working moms undergo through and hence your address will be heartfelt and understood.

Thank the women in the office for everything they do and the impact they have in the office. If your female colleague did great work on a project, International Women’s Day 2023 is the day to tell them. If they backed you up on a project, International Women’s Day this year is the day to thank them. 

If they have been a good mentor or leader to you, express your appreciation on International Women’s Day 2023. Also, ask the female colleagues at your workplace how you can support their goals.

4. An Early Day Close to Celebrate International Women’s Day

If you are a leader of a woman’s team, a special and impactful way to celebrate International Women’s Day this year would be to give them a some rest. Giving women some time off work is one of the most special and impact ways you can appreciate women and celebrate International Women’s Day at the office.

The women will appreciate the time off and they get to do something special for themselves such as work out, go on spa day or go out with a partner or friends.  

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5. Plan an International Women’s Day Fun Day/Event at the Office

On International Women’s day, you can plan to have a fun day event at the office for the women. You can include various activities such as tea/lunch, games, competitions, brainstorming sessions, etc. for the women colleagues in your office.

6. Invite Female Speakers at Work

A significant and impactful way you can celebrate International Women’s Day at work is by having impactful women speak to the females at work. Select an influential women leader in the area of your work and invite them on International Women’s Day to your workplace to speak to your female and male colleagues.

Arrange for a panel discussion or a webinar with successful women leaders, who can share their experiences and insights. The discussion can be focused on topics such as gender equality, women in leadership, work-life balance, and women.

The female workers will love celebrating International Women’s Day by having one of the inspiring female leaders help in navigating and overcoming the challenges of a being woman in the workplace. The speeches will make celebrating or commemorating International Women’s Day more meaningful.

6. Do A Charity Event with Colleagues

Together with your female colleagues at work, you can organize a charity event at work to celebrate International Women’s Day. Pick an event or course that you would like to participate in and organize for the women in the office to take part in.

Some charity events you can do to celebrate International Women’s Day at Work include

Simple & Impactful Charity Events To Celebrate Women’s Day

1. Donations to Women’s Philanthropies

Donations are a great course for female workers to participate in it as directly impacts women’s lives through the projects organized by the philanthropies

2. Visit Vulnerable Women Populations

There are many vulnerable women populations such as single mothers, homeless moms, pregnant teens, or those in the hospital. Visiting them on International Women’s Day is very meaningful and impactful in celebrating the day.

3. Advocacy/Activism for Women’s Rights

Advocacy/Activism for Women’s Rights on issues such as low wages, marital rapes, inequality, human trafficking, female infanticide, and much more are very popular charity events. They are a very meaningful way of commemorating International Women’s Day this year.

4. Host Lunch/Dinner for Women in the Community

Organize for the women to arrange and host lunch for the community to mark International Women’s Day

5. Fundraising for Women Courses

Help raise money for some women’s courses such as daycare centers and crèche at the workplace. Daycare centers are especially a need for working moms and setting it is an impactful way of celebrating International Women’s Day.

6. Random Makeup and Grooming

Organize makeup and grooming for random people in the public. Many women will appreciate the effort you have and be happy about it.

7. Arrange and Sponsor Medical Checkups for Women Employees

Most of the time, women due to their busy schedule do not have time to visit the doctor. Having this done at least annually in the office will be a great and impact gift for women at your work for International Women’s Day.

8. Yoga, and Meditation Classes

Arrange for classes like yoga, and meditation for all women employees at work – A perfect way to celebrate International Women’s Day at work

7. Training and Mentorship for Women Employees

Arrange for training and mentoring program for women at the workplace. This year 2024 celebrate International Women’s Day by empowering women to more wins.

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