6 Simple & Proven Ways of Effectively Working from Home All Moms Need

There are many reasons why you could be working from home. It could because it is your workplace work style, you work part-time from home or you run your business from home. The option of working remotely has both benefits and challenges.

Benefits of Working from Home for Moms

Working from home offers many benefits to a working mom. These benefits include

  • Working from the comfort of our home office – this is one of the major benefits of working remotely
  • Less costs related with travel – a favourite reason for most moms
  • More flexible timeline during the day- a major advantage as it allows moms to see their kids
  • Keeps you closer to your family –
  • Easier to achieve work life balance –

Challenges and Disadvantages Moms Working from Home Face

While working from home has its benefits, it has drawbacks too. The privilege of working from home comes with some limitations and challenges too.

  • Too much distractions and interruptions- moms working from home hate this because it reduces your productivity
  • Harder to switch to work mode – its a problem that affects your focus and productivity
  • Productivity may be affected-
  • Hard to focus and concentrate- too much distractions in the house
  • Lack of suitable office or desk- not all moms working from home have adequate resources

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Simple & Proven Pro Tips All Moms Working from Home or Remotely Need

Are you struggling to focus and concentrate on your work at home? Are you finding that you are less productive and inefficient?  If yes this is the right post for you.

In this post, you will find top tips and guidelines on how you can remain productive and effective while working from home. You shall find tips to help you overcome the challenges of working remotely. The goal is to ensure that your productivity is not affected by your working from home.

1. Stick to a Routine

Sticking to a routine will help you overcome the challenges of losing focus while working from home. A good effective work routine is one that is based on discipline, which is exactly what you need to stay focused on work while at home. It may seem boring doing normal routine tasks such as preparing for work but this and other routines are important to keep your mind focused on work.

The downside of ignoring the routine is that you will drag around all day will little and no work done, probably because your mind is still in relaxing mode. You need to shift your mind from home mindspace to work mind space and nothing is better than the normal routine you would do if you were leaving for office.  This tip will also help you remain productive as you work from home.

A Routine to Help Switch from Home mode to Work Mode

  • Wake up early, make breakfast and enjoy it with your family.
  • Take a shower, pick an outfit for the day and dress up. Dressing like you are going to the office helps keep your attitude and mentality focused on work, which is just the motivation you need when you are working remotely.
  • However, it is not necessary to wear high heels around the house.

The entire process prepares your mind for work. By the time you sit on the desk, your mind is ready for work.

  • Also work on the regular hours that you are required, (whether full or part-time) and break it off.
  • You should then shift your mind back home.
  • Try to ease off as you take a snack, grab a shower and get into comfortable home clothes. 
  • You can further choose to do personal care such as relaxing in the bathtub or use it for your family by preparing dinner. 
  • Stick to this routine on all days you are working. The discipline you gain will help you to wake up and work even on the days you feel lazy and just wants to sleep in. The routine will also help you remain productive as you work from home.

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2. Create an Ideal and Functional Home Office

Working in an office that enables you to work is very important when you are working remotely or from home. It helps you focus and avoid the challenge of losing focus and concentration. This is because the home office is very instrumental in separating workspace from personal space.

Since you are no longer going to the office, you must create your ideal home office to ensure that you remain focused and productive. If you don’t have one already, pick a spare room and make it a dedicated office for your work. Such an office will also help you remain productive as you work from home. However there are some key considerations you need to make

An Ideal Home Office for moms to work remotely

Factors to Consider in Setting up A Home/Remote Office 2023

  • Choose an area with natural light and free from external noise interferences- It will keep you focused as you work at home
  • Make sure your office has a desk, a comfortable chair, a computer, a printer and internet connection among other office necessities. These necessities enhance your comfort and replicate the office environment
  • Put in a plant, a portrait or some desk decorations to give it a personal touch. Helps keep you relaxed when you are working from home
  • Keep all your office paperwork in the office and not in other parts of the house. To ensure you keep the boundaries of your work from your home
  • Limit access to this room, especially to your kids as they may accidentally spoil your work. It will help remain focused and minimize destructions from other people in the house as you work
  • Let everyone living with you know your office is out of bound unless necessary.  Boundaries are very important when working from home.

3. Minimize Distractions and Time Wasters while Working from Home

Anyone can be distracted even though all of us have different focus levels and interference elements. Your home space many have distractions that strays your focus and prevents you from effectively working from home.  

As such you must be deliberate about avoiding these distractions and time-wasters. Since you are at home, your kids may be your biggest distraction . Distractions affects your productivity while working from home and hence you need to eliminate them.

Tips on Minimizing Distractions and Time Wasters While Working from Home

  • Let your family members know that you are working and you are not to be disturbed.
  • Give specific instructions to your help to keep the kids away from the office. It helps eliminate chances of distraction.
  • Discipline the family that you are not to be disturbed unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • If music is a distraction rather than helping you relax, eliminate it from the office.
  • Avoid social media and overusing of your phone while working at home as these cause more distractions and time-wasting.
  • Dedicate an office phone if you have to and only give your attention to personal calls on your breaks.
  • Don’t take unnecessarily long breaks either.
  • Be disciplined to stick to your time allocation for everything.
  • When working focus on work, and once you are done, you can use this time to catch up on family or social media to your satisfaction. 
  • Resist the temptation to work from the couch or even your bed for that matter. Work from the home office to shift your mind space.
  • Don’t entertain guests. It is tempting to have guests call in but remember they are a distraction if the visit is not absolutely necessary. Arrange for guests to come on a weekend or an afternoon if you do part-time work at home. 

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4. Plan out the Day Activities

Like I have emphasized you can’t win without a plan. Even your work needs planning and without one, you are a target for distractions and time-wasting when working from home. Be keen and layout your daily plan every morning before you even start working.

  • The simplest way is to list all tasks you intend to accomplish for the day.
  • Categorize them on their importance, urgency, ease to complete and time required to complete.
  • Consider all the necessary factors as needed to prioritize the tasks.  There are tasks that you must complete before others and so they have a high priority. For instance you must prepare your presentation before attending a virtual meeting.
  • Once you have the list of your tasks, prioritize them based on more urgent tasks, and of high importance and handle them first. It will help if you break up long tasks into small chunks to complete them faster. 

At the end of the day, do a self-assessment of your days’ work. Check out your plan and compare it with what you have achieved.

  1. Were you productive today?
  2. Were you able to complete all your tasks?
  3. If not which tasks were not accomplished?
  4. What are the major reasons why this was not possible?
  5. How could you improve on your work for tomorrow?

The answers to these questions gives your assessment a focus to help keep you motivated and keeping track of your work . It also makes it easier for you if you will be reporting to your boss on your progress. Even if you are not employed but working on your business it is a form of accountability and discipline that will see your work excel.

5. Schedule Regular Breaks 

Research has shown that humans are more productive in completing a task when they take breaks in between work. Likewise, create a break schedule that will help you rejuvenate and become more productive. Even if you are working from home, you also need breaks.

For instance take a tea break or even two if you feel you need to. Grab a healthy snack while you are at it. Take enough time on your lunch break to regain your energy and focus. This is one of the greatest advantages of working from home and you better take it.

Also remember that a break is a time to get up from the chair, stretch, and take in some fresh air. Check up on how your kid’s day is going, and check out on your spouse. Talk to someone and rest your mind and body for more work again. 

Do not overwork yourself. You will get fatigue and your productivity will go down. Don’t work unduly long hours than you would have done at the office. Working from home is similar to working from the office in terms of the commitment that you give your work.

Breaks are not a threat to productivity while working from home. You need breaks from work for you to re-energize and resume working. Failing to take breaks only takes the toil on your body and your productivity. You will find you are too fatigued to work and hence do not get any work done anyway.

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Schedule regular tea breaks when working from home

6. Stay Connected with your Colleagues

Working from the office is made fun by the sharing, collaboration and communication between colleagues. The opposite is the biggest downside of working from home. However you can replace the lack of physical connection by staying connected on the digital space.

Today there are so many virtual platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet and other live platforms that allow individuals to hold video calls, collaborations and update each other on their progress for free. 

Working from home is no excuse to stay away from your colleagues. Don’t lose the collaboration and socialization of the office just because you are working from home. You need to do regular checkups on team members and share in your progress.

Make sure you attend the scheduled virtual office meetings even the optional ones. They will help in aligning your team’s vision and goals together. You need the other colleagues’ input and other colleagues need you too. If you run your own business instead, allow and enable everyone on your team to stay connected virtually.

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