Top Secrets on Travelling with Infant on Work Trip & Things you Must Have

Is it Ok to Take a Small Baby on a Work Trip

It is ok to take your baby with you if you are traveling for work. If your employer is ok with it and the nature of your work allows you to tag a small baby along (newborn to 8 months old), then is totally fine. You do not have to worry or feel guilty for having to travel with your baby to a work destination.

If your baby is as young as a few weeks or a few months (2, 3, 4, or 5 months old), do not worry as it is possible and doable to take them with you as you travel for work. Babies as young as a newborn can comfortably travel.

Local trips are easier to tag your baby along as your travel for work. They require fewer preparations and time. However, you can still go on international work travel with your young baby but you need a solid travel plan to make it work.

Traveling with your baby on your work trips benefits you and your baby in various ways.

Why Taking Baby on Work Baby is Good

1. Travelling with Baby for Work Enhances Bonding

Going on a business trip with your newborn baby allows you to have adequate time together. It is especially important if the trip is long and would last a long time such as few months.

2. Travelling with Baby Let you Continue Breastfeeding

Traveling for work with your baby also allows you to continue breastfeeding them. It is important especially if your newborn is very young and only breastfeed. You, therefore, don’t need to pump and can directly breastfeed your baby.

3. Offers Opportunities to Explore

Also going on a work trip together with your newborn or few months old allows both of you to explore new places together. You get to create memories together. You can explore new destinations and have new experiences together. As such it is totally right and worth taking your newborn to 8 months old baby with you as you travel for work.

It is important to let your employer know that you will be taking your baby with you on the work trip. Also let your family and close friends know that you are traveling to a certain destination for work, for how long, and that you are taking your baby with you.

Top Secrets on Travelling with Infant on Work Trip

Top Secrets on Travelling with Infant on Work Trip

You can make a work trip with your baby a success. Young babies under 8 months are easier to travel with and hence you can make this totally possible.

1. Travel with Your Nanny/Babysitter for Childcare

If you are taking your baby with you on a work trip, you need a reliable childcare option with you.  The best childcare option for you, in this case, would be to travel with your nanny or babysitter. It would make it easier for you to know you have someone you trust to care for your baby. 

You will hence feel better when working knowing your baby is well-taken care of. Your baby will also adjust faster to the new environment as they are cared for by a familiar person. It will hence be easy this way to stick to the normal baby routine that you are used to.

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2. Get a Nanny or Daycare at Destination

Another good option for childcare when you are traveling with your newborn is having a reliable nanny or daycare at your destination. Traveling with your nanny or babysitter may be too costly hence you may opt to hire a nanny or babysitter at the destination.

Alternatively, you can opt for daycare. There are many daycares willing to take in newborn babies as young as 6 weeks. With a good contact person at the destination, you can get a good daycare or a nanny/babysitter to look after your baby during the trip as you work.

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3. Create an Effective Travel Plan 

Traveling for work with a baby is extra sensitive and needs a lot of forehand planning. You need to have a plan for things such as where you are staying, means of transport, contact, etc. Before you leave for the trip with your newborn baby, plan for the following

  • Essentials– Buy all the essentials you need. You may not get them at the destination
  • Plan for Childcare during Business Trip– Plan for who will care for your baby during the trip as you work. Decide if you are traveling with your nanny/babysitter or getting one at the destination. If you are getting a daycare or nanny at the destination make booking and confirmation calls early to avoid disappointments.
  • Plan for Accommodation during the Trip Duration -Plan for where you will stay when on the trip. In some cases, this may be arranged by your employer. None less you need to confirm your booking beforehand. It will save you the trouble of being stranded with your baby with no place to stay. If you are making the hotel booking yourself, confirm before leaving for the trip. Let the hotel know you are bringing your newborn baby with you. 
  • Get a Reliable Contact Person at Destination before Leaving– Get a contact person at the destination with whom to coordinate your trip. Your employer should provide you with the contact. Make sure you call or contact this person before you leave. Your contact should help with arranging transportation once you arrive, help with arranging for childcare, etc.
  • Have an Emergency Contact at the Destination.  For the time you are working, you need to plan what to do in case of an emergency. Provide your nanny, babysitter, or daycare with a contact person in case of an emergency and they are unable to reach you. This is very important since this is a new location and they may be stuck on what to do.
  • Plan on Plane Seat for Baby– Do you need a baby-seat for the plane? If you do, get the necessary booking ahead of time. Also if you are traveling on a plane internationally, prepare the necessary passport and travel papers for the newborn baby and the caregiver if she is coming with you ahead of time. Having these ready will minimize the amount of stress you may get preparing for this trip.
  • Get Buffer Day by Arriving Early at Work Destination-Plan to arrive at your destination a few days before you start working. All of you will be exhausted from traveling and will at least have a day to get adequate sleep, rest, and adjust to the time difference if you are traveling internationally. It will allow you to be fresh and productive when you do start your work.

4. Create a Balanced Work-Baby Schedule for the Trip

Because you are traveling with your child to your work, it’s important that you allocate time for yourself together. It would not be worth it to travel all the way with your child on your business and not have adequate quality time together while there.  

Ask about expectations for working hours before you go and see if it is worth having your baby come with you on the work trip.

If so you need to develop a balanced work schedule. Plan for the time that you will be working and the time you will be with your baby. Maximize making this time as quality as possible. You can choose activities to do together, eating out, exploring the neighborhood, going out together etc.

Strive to stick to this plan as possible so that both your work and your baby get adequate time. By doing so way your work trip will be more successful.

Also a balanced work-baby schedule is good for you to ensure you do not get burned out from the work bit.

5. Travel with Family for Work as an Alternative

If you have to travel with your baby for work, you can go all the way and have your family come on the trip as well. If you can afford it, have your family travel with you instead of the baby alone. You can then have a mini family vacation at the destination of your work trip.

An ideal arrangement would be for you to travel beforehand alone. You will hence manage to work and meet your work goals. Your family can then join you later a few days before the end of the trip. This way you will get adequate time with the baby and your partner as a family on the work trip.

Alternatively, your baby and your partner can still travel with you the same time. It will be ideal as you still get to spend time with your newborn baby and partner after work. During the day, your partner will care for the newborn and spend quality time together. Also, you do not need to travel with your nanny or get one at the destination.

6. Pack Adequate Baby Essentials for the Work Trip

It is important to ensure you have everything you need during your work trip. There is no guarantee that you will get everything you may need at your destination. The best and safest option is to carry with you, your own work and baby-related essentials that you need for your work trip.

It’s crucial to have all that you need when traveling with a baby on a plane. Doing this will go a long way toward making your first work trip with your baby a success.

Checklist for Baby Essentials you Must Bring on Work Trips

Checklist for Baby Essentials you Must Bring on Work Trips

1. Diapers and Sanitaries- Must Have on the Trip

Pack adequate diapers for your baby. You need to pack more than enough to last for the trip. You also need to carry your own baby sanitaries such as a washcloth, soap, baby wipes, baby oil, towels, sanitizer, travel changing pad, diaper cream, etc.

2. Pump and Parts- You Plan to Pump during the Trip

Pumps and its parts are crucial on business trip. If you still need to pump breast milk while on the work trip, carry it with you the pump, its parts, containers/pieces, & multiple bottles. Figure out how you will store the milk to keep cold and carry the extra milk home if you need to.

3. Medical Supplies

If your baby is on any medications be keen to carry them with you as travel. You also need a thermometer to check your baby’s temperature.

4. Clothes

Carry enough clothing that is adequate for the baby for the business trip. You may or may not be able to clean clothes at the destination so you need to plan for any eventuality. Also, consider the weather at the destination and pack the necessary clothes accordingly.

5. Toys

It is helpful to bring a variety of toys to keep your baby occupied as you work. Also, bring stickers.

6. Snacks

Snacks are crucial on the business trip with your small baby. If your baby is 5 months or older, she may need snacks such as puffs, teething crackers, pouches, fruit, sippy cup, baby food, water, and baby milk if necessary.

7. Baby Carrier and Stroller

If you are traveling internationally both baby carrier and stroller are absolutely necessary for navigating the airport and exploring new cities.

8. Trash Bags

Black trash bags and duct tape to blackout windows in the room the baby might be sleeping in. 

9. Travel Baby Monitor

It is an essential item whenever you are travelling with your baby for work so that you can monitor your baby

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