Here are Top Reasons why Working is Good for you

It is definitely good for mothers to work. But for what reasons? For a long time, people have historically associated work with financial benefits only. The majority of people are not aware of other key benefits in social, mental and personal health aspects of working.

Work in this context includes working in formal employment, being self-employed/running your business or other non-traditional work such as housewife, or childcare among others.

In addition to income, work especially to moms gives a meaning, a purpose, a structure, social inclusion, a learning platform and relationships. All these mental, physical, social and personal health benefits are very crucial in life.

Top Benefits Why Moms Need Work

1. Improved Overall Health

Work significantly improves your immunity and well-being. The potential health benefits includes better physical health ,a higher immunity and faster recovery from illnesses.

It has been proven by studies that people who are unemployed or are not working are potential victims of physical and mental health problems. They are under medication and tend to have a shorter life expectancy. It is for this reason, that you will find sick and disabled people are encouraged to return and stay in work as long as the condition allows it.

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2. Financial Stability

Without a doubt, financial income is one of the most obvious benefits of working or being employed. Other than other social and health benefits moms mainly work to get a source of income and sustain their lives, especially if they are single.

Whether you are employed or running your own business you are assured of a stable source of income that will sustain your life.  For this reason, you will realize that the salary and financial benefits have become a major consideration for job seekers as they favor employers who offer the highest benefits.

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Working gives mom a stable income

The good thing about the finances is that they sustain your life by covering your expenses, investing for the future and having a good social life all which is an avenue to allow you to enjoy other things in life.

The money from work will allow you to partake in interests that fulfill your other psychological needs. You are able to participate more in fun events and occasions, take your children out, afford a vacation or good gifts for your partner which you would not afford if you were not working.

3. Enhanced Social Life

A major importance of having a job is the boost it gives your social life other than the money. While hobbies and your other interests can be major ways of enhancing your social circle, work interactions additionally opens you up to more social connections outside the family and friends circle.

Also work creates connections and exposes you to new networks and connections. From this you get to meet more and more diverse people with different opinions, views and perspectives that enhance your view and perspective of life. 

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Working helps moms grow their social circle

You will also find it easier to vibe with people from your field of work even if you meet outside work, something moms who do not work or work from home lack. Work theme events such as workshops, conferences, and training sessions among others are great places you get to meet new social and business connections.

At the end of the day, your social life will blossom and you become happier, sociable and open to new friendship even outside work. Your circle of friends and supportive network gradually grows and expands more and more.

4. Psychological and Mental Benefits

Work has the ability to promote or hinder mental wellness. Work utilizes critical and cognitive skills that get enhanced when you are working. You stand to have better emotional control, resilience and cognitive growth when working.

You will also find you are more creative, innovative, organized, timely, a better decision-maker and do well in planning. Work challenges you into going hard and delivering better. It offers you a sense of stability that helps you focus on the task at hand and excel in it.

Work helps your stress levels to go down and you can manage extreme emotions by focusing on work. When your workplace is supportive, you shall find that the stability in work helps you overcome a stressful event in your life. Further, the team collective effort for a common purpose enhances mental health for the individuals.

Feeling productive through work is energizing and good for the soul. It is hard to fully appreciate this benefit until you are at a rock bottom point in life and work allows you to escape and move on.  

Tip: If possible, work in a field you love and derive joy from. It will go a great deal into putting meaning in your life through work.  Working on a job you hate only for financial reasons will have the opposite impact.

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working helps mom manager their stress better

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5. Personal Benefits of Working for Moms

Last but not least, working positively impacts your identity, self-image, self-worth and confidence among other things. Through work you learn about and appreciate yourself better. This is because work helps us understand the world, the people around us and importantly ourselves.

Work also tends to put us into situations and interactions that we wouldn’t otherwise experience, that assist us in learning about the world around us.  By becoming exposed to different people, their different thinking styles at work, you find that you have a better perspective about your life and you tend to understand yourself better. As such work helps mold and make you a better person.

In addition, working enhances your identity. As a working mom, for instance, you will gain a professional identity by working and other identities such as a wife and parent. This professional identity helps you have a positive self-image and self-esteem yourself. It will surely help you maintain positive self-worth that will help find purpose in life.

Tip: Do not make your identity and self-worth only about your work. Besides, be you and avoid comparing yourself with other people but rejoice in your journey.

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Last Word!

Strive to strike a balance between work and your family. As a working mom, your family is a priority too.  Even if you love your job, you can only do so much in a given time. Avoid overworking as this can result in negative impacts from working.

Our bodies are designed in a very smart way. They send us signals when we are not happy or are in an unhealthy environment, especially at work. Learn to listen to your body signals because there is a direct relationship between stress and the immune system.

If work makes you sick or fatigue, it is time to reconsider your work schedule or environment. Remember that there are both pros and cons of working. Avoid the disadvantages and optimize on the advantages that work exposes you as a mom.

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